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Hopping Mad Designs are specialists in creative graphic design for all Government departments and the public sector throughout Australia.

Over the past 23 years, we have provided affordable graphic design solutions such as brochures, pamphlets, infographics, explainer videos, and Annual Reports for many Australian Government departments.

The design team at Hopping Mad has a thorough understanding of the constraints, branding guidelines, and sensitive nature of many Government graphic design projects. Work with the Sydney Design Agency who understand the intricacies of working with all levels of Government, State, Federal and local.

Learn more about how Hopping Mad Designs can help your Government department create its persona or how we can be part of your next graphic design or marketing project.

Graphic Design Work for Government Departments

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Give boring the flick with dynamic and beautiful graphic design for your Government department

Win the hearts and minds of your stakeholders, staff, and the Australian public with attention-grabbing graphic designs. We’ll take your next marketing or design projects to the next level and help deliver succinct and memorable material with a precise cut-through rate.

Whether you’re delivering key messages via brochures or pamphlets, educating staff or the public with an explainer or animated video, or creating yearly financial reports, you need designs that are clear, effective, and reflect what your Government department’s brand stands for. Save time and increase your productivity by engaging in Hopping Mad Designs.

Why Hopping Mad Designs?

  • We are responsive, friendly with a great attitude
  • We have a passion for pushing communication and design boundaries to help Government departments achieve their goals.
  • We can craft, refine, excite, spruce up, and add pizazz better than most other agencies.
  • We are super-affordable and can work to most Government budgets.
  • Forgot cookie-cutter approaches — we take the time to listen and learn about your Department, then tailor each and every graphic design or marketing campaign to your specific needs.
  • We are happy to work on urgent projects with a tight turnaround time.
  • Reduce $$ by outsourcing projects to us rather than hiring in-house graphic designers
  • We have a great track record of working in the strictest of confidence. Design projects include documents tabled in parliament, policy announcements, cabinet-in-confidence, the federal budget, and annual reports, and so much more.

Want to move the dial?

Call us or fill out the inquiry form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP on 02 9360 8514. Or, if you prefer, you can come into our Surry Hills studio for a brief.

Graphic Design Services for Government Departments

Brochure & Pamphlet Design

We can help you communicate clearly with the Australian public with brochure or pamphlet designs that reflect your state or Federal message. Think of us as your go-to graphic design agency in Sydney, delivering affordable brochure design for your Government department.

Annual Report Design

We are specialists in designing strategic, creative and engaging Annual Report design for Government departments. Let the creative graphic design team at Hopping Mad handle every aspect of your next Annual Report, including the print management. Forget agonising over layouts and data collation. Think about how much precious time you could be saving by collaborating with Hopping Mad Designs. We help structure and layout all your content, apply the graphics but we’ll also make sure it’s consistently within Government guidelines and on time.


Now your Government department can tell a story or communicate a complex message clearly & easily through creative, intelligent infographics.  Our aim is to create an easy-to-follow visual narrative that weaves in critical information that informs, educates and turns heads. We make sure that your infographics become a vehicle for clear and influential communication between you and the Australian public.

Explainer & animated videos

Impactful explainer or animated videos that influence, educate and connect. We are way ahead of the rest by learning what you want to communicate and how to say it to your audience. We work with copywriters that will create compelling content that connects with your audience. We apply our attention-grabbing design know-how to increase engagement levels, captivating & educating your audience.

Brand development

Are you looking at rebranding or tweaking your current identity? The team at Hopping Mad can help you rebrand your Government department to reflect its positioning within the community and current ethos. Our graphic designers are experts at creating a stylish new look that defines your department’s core values and communicates your story to your target audience.

Web Design

Do you need a new web design for your Government department or revamp your current site? Perhaps you need a new website to let the public know about a new service or Government initiative? We can design and build your next Government website on the most popular open-source WordPress CMS platform. Our web team are proficient in all facets of Government web standards and the latest security must-have plug-ins

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