Borrow My Pooch

New concept website partnering dog owners with dog borrowers.

What we delivered:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Project Brief

    Borrow My Pooch is an innovative new idea, partnering pooches with prospective dog lovers seeking a dog to “borrow” – for walks or for doggy play dates.

    Web design solution

    Hopping Mad Designs started at the beginning, creating the brand, designing a logo and traditional marketing elements such as stationery, flyers and banners for a tradeshow. With this in place, we then moved on to planning the user interface and experience for the site, working with the client to set the correct functionality flow. As a membership site with a multiple-member base, it was essential that the process flow was clear and concise. The conversion was a planned strategy for the site – with a clear call to actions and smart use of colour woven into the design in appropriate places.


    A clean, fresh website with personality and flair, Borrow My Pooch is a fast-growing online business. The client is working hard to grow the member base with social media and sign ups are steadily flowing in.

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