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Are you paying excessive monthly hosting fees?

November 15 2016 Believe it or not there are many businesses getting absolutely ripped off by website design agencies or digital agencies who have built a website for them and are charging them in excess of $100 per month for hosting. If you are one of these people wake up and smell the MORE →

An Introduction to Responsive Web Design

March 23 2015 The mobile phone and hand held device market has exploded over the past 6 years. Consumers every where you look; on trains, buses at the airport or at work are on their phone and what they are searching for should be of paramount concern to your business. According the Australian MORE →

10 Website Design Mistakes That Will Kill Your Customer Conversion Rates

March 28 2015 Finally here it is! The top 10 road blocks or hurdles that are going to kill your website conversion rates. Do any of these and your customers are going the leave your website in great numbers, thereby killing any chance of converting them into paying customers. I want to tell MORE →

CMS Maintenance | Content Management Systems Maintenance

March 1 2012 Maintenance of a Content Management System (CMS) is often misunderstood and is something that can be neglected by business owners. It is a hard point to get across to some people as wires get crossed between CMS maintenance and website content and image updates. There are many companies out there MORE →

Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

February 7 2013 Most real estate agents are just far too busy worrying about their next lead or listing to put time and effort into any marketing strategy other than what they have been doing in the past. Traditionally, most real estate agents have relied on cold calling, door knocking, letterbox drops and MORE →
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