Are you looking for a professional WordPress Web Development agency in Sydney that loves to build websites with WordPress?
Are you after a custom built website that has been built with your business in mind? Or do you need us to work on your current WordPress website with upgrades and design changes?

Since 1998, Hopping Mad Designs has been Sydney's #1 WordPress Web Design & Website Development Agency.
We have built 1000's of WordPress websites and would be more than happy to discuss your next web design project.

If you are just starting out in business and are looking for a new website or are wanting to migrate your current website over to the easier WORDPRESS CMS platform - Call us we can help 02 9360 8514.

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Why use hopping mad designs?

As one of Sydney’s leading web design & development agencies we are able to develop a professional WordPress website that looks amazing with a focus on customer conversion rates.

We are firm believers that every WordPress website we design and build has some unique features. That is our CORE trademark. Using WordPress as a CMS platform allows us the flexibility with design to give your website that stylish, polished and highly creative look it needs to compete online.

Full support

Learning a new CMS system can sometimes take a while, so if you feel that you need further help we are just a phone call away. This is part of our extra customer service offering to you.

Once your new WordPress site goes live, we are able to implement a search engine optimisation strategy to help you get a better Google online ranking. You can literally see your website rankings climb in a matter of weeks. Having a WordPress CMS is absolutely fantastic for your SEO. Plus, Google loves WordPress sites.


St Andrews College
St Andrews College
New website for St Andrews College
MST Global
MST Global
New website for communication and technology solutions company MST Global
Evolution Laser
Evolution Laser
Brand redevelopment, new website and an SEO campaign for Evolution Laser Clinic
The Art of Whole Food
The Art of Whole Food
A stylish eCommerce site for a boutique broth company
Wok On Inn
Wok On Inn
Responsive website for Wok On Inn Noodle bars
Responsive website for construction company Lipman
Brand development and website for boutique dental surgery Dentessence.
Bali Villa Escapes
Bali Villa Escapes
Logo design, website design, SEO & social media marketing for a Villa Booking website
All Sorts Fitness
All Sorts Fitness
New website & SEO campaign with micro sites for All Sorts FItness and Wellbeing Centre.
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We absolutely love working with WordPress & your business will see the benefits very quickly!

We are really very good at it. From the smallest brochure style websites all the way through to complex projects, WordPress gives us the freedom to do this. Our customised web designs are clean, minimal, contemporary which fits nicely into a WordPress CMS.

We are always up to speed with the latest technological changes that WordPress introduces, which we are happy to plug into your website. This is essential if you are going to remain competitive online.

You get qualified graphic and web designers working on your website and NOT TECHIES, meaning the end result is a beautifully crafted website that sells to your customers – a website that is customer conversion focused and geared to bringing your more business.

We are really your ideal one – stop – shop digital agency. Why? Because we offer: web,  graphic design, SEO, social media marketing, web content writing, UX design, plus a whole lot more.

Advantages of using a WordPress CMS platform.

> Probably the best advantage for using a open source CMS platform like WordPress is that it can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. Essentially, you are not locked into using one web development agency. Lets say you go with 1 particular web design studio and they make you use their own custom developed CMS, then it is going to be very difficult to move away from this company if things do not work out. As your site is built using their  proprietary CMS and most likely hosted on their servers, the chances of you being able to migrate the site over to another CMS platform are almost impossible. Most likely you will also be locked into a contract, meaning that you are tied to this company for the life of your website. This is dangerous and can lead to issues in the future as your website and business grows. WordPress CMS eliminates this issue completely. Plus you never have to go back to your web company for expensive one off amends….you can do these yourself….HOW GOOD IS THAT!

> You can make changes instantly. Where ever you are all you need is a computer and internet access and you can make any amends you want. You never have to go back to your web designers and ask for the change to be made. It’s quick, fast and will save you lots of money. You can add as many pages as you like, through a very intuitive back end module.

> You can easily add plug ins and add ons to a WordPress website such as membership areas, galleries, shopping carts, newsletter signups, calendars, blogs and databases. We recommend that most small businesses start out with a basic WordPress CMS package and as the business grows so can the web add-ons. This makes WordPress very flexible.

> WordPress automatically integrates all blog articles and social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter, saving you time and hassle of having to go to each individual site, login, make the change and post. Once you get the hang of it, you can use your WordPress CMS to become more involved with these social media platforms. Its an awesome marketing tool and a great way to stay in touch with your customers.

> WordPress CMS websites are very search engine friendly. You can easily change title tags and page descriptions giving your website the best chance of getting indexed and ranked by the search engines. Ideally, you want each page within your website to reflect the product or service of your business and if you are keen to get these pages ranking highly on Google then you need to customise them for SEO purposes. A WordPress CMS will simplify this process. By adding content frequently to your site like we do on and you will get the search engine spiders coming around to your site more frequently looking for content. This is awesome for business and your SEO ranking! Most of our clients websites that we rank on Google are built using WordPress – its incredibly SEO friendly!

> Once you publish an article on your site or your blog this may be indexed by Google within hours. Blog articles as well as content marketing are especially good for your SEO and this makes WordPress the ideal CMS platform for your website.

> It has a very quick learning curve. Learning to edit content, add or delete old and new pages, photos, videos and images is simple and easy as learning to use say other open source platforms like Word.

> WordPress blogging is a great way to be perceived as an industry leader. Creating articles that a relevant to your industry or profession and having them published instantly means that there is more of a chance of people reading your content.  One post, ten posts, it doesn’t matter, the more you create, the more likelihood users will keep seeing your site when they are doing their research, leading to more brand credibility.

> Blog posts that you publish are able to be automatically converted to RSS feeds and can be easily and quickly syndicated to the many other blog directories online as well as other websites. This gives you the ability to publish content to a huge audience world wide with the click of a mouse.

> WordPress websites are easily converted into responsive, mobile friendly + tablet websites. WordPress allows easy integration of responsive web design which means that you only need to build one website, which can then be viewed on all screen sizes: desktop, tablet, iphone, ipad and android.

> WordPress is safe and secure – in today’s hostile online environment, you can be sure that a WordPress website designed by Hopping Mad Designs will be secure against hackers and viruses.

Probably the BIGGEST reason to use a WordPress CMS is to avoid getting ripped off by your web provider or designer. WordPress CMS platforms means that you can take your website anywhere and you will never be locked into expensive, unnecessary contracts. If this point is unclear please speak to us so this can explained in more detail on 02 9360 8514.

Let’s get started with your fabulous new WordPress Website.

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