Do you need help with your Social Media Marketing? Is the social media space overwhelming you? Do you want to market your business on the world's most popular social media platforms?

Setting-up, growing and maintaining a presence on social media platforms is a terrific way to increase your customer base and grow your business. This is where Hopping Mad Designs can help you grow your business in ways you never thought possible. Social media is powerful and we help you harness it.

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Social media marketing campaigns that give you more bang-for-your-marketing dollar

Hopping Mad Designs offers a range of Social Media Services that will enable you to gain the most from these modern online communities, offering your business access to thousands, if not millions, of online users. Whether you’re familiar with Social Media or require complete training and assistance, our Social Media Team is more than happy to help — we explain social media simply, and in plain English, so your expertise will grow rapidly.

Importantly, once you have an audience online, it becomes a subscribed audience—one that receives all future communications, promotions and news from you. This audience then exposes your business to their network, and through a ‘viral’ process, your business will be promoted time and time again to customers all over the world.

We create a viral buzz around your brand

Hopping Mad Designs can help you understand and navigate the world of social media. With a clear strategy and a team behind you that lives on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram& YouTube we can show you a powerful, very effective new way of promoting brand awareness, audience / customer reach and drive new sales.

Kings Security Doors
Kings Security Doors
New responsive website, SEO, social media & digital marketing campaign for Kings Security Doors
Bali Villa Escapes
Bali Villa Escapes
Logo design, website design, SEO & social media marketing for a Villa Booking website
Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers
Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers
Brand development, website and online strategy for a boutique family law practice
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Social media is a fantastic business tool, if used properly. Without a clear and planned strategy it’s simply not going to work. It’s time consuming, frustrating, inefficient and will dilute your key messages.

We will help you develop a defined social media road map that will help identify the best social media platforms for your business and strategically go about dominating this space.

Capturing customers in a positive frame of mind

Like a conversation that you have with current and potential customers, social media is the meeting room; and it’s open 24/7. Through existing customers, you can be introduced to many thousands more. The brands we chose to purchase or the services we use are very much influenced by those we want to be like. Through social media, networks share their preferred brands, creating immediate new customer leads.

What makes social media different to other online forums is that the users enjoy being there. You are able to enter into a space where people are positively connecting, and through the various forums, you can share positive experiences.

The true benefit of social media is the ability for businesses not only to promote themselves in popular online forums, but also to connect on a deeper level with their customer. With an proper social media marketing strategy, we can show you how to make your products or services a valuable social media commodity.

We build and manage your social media community

At Hopping Mad Designs, we deliver social media marketing solutions that result in a greater market share for your business, customer and consumer growth as well as increased brand/product awareness. We do this by building your company a very dedicated social media community and utilizing their goodwill and massive referral power.

The most amazing thing about this is, you can watch your online community grow to spread your message across their social network. It’s just such a fantastic marketing tool for your business. And all this can be measured, refined and modified in real time.

Gain real & measurable commercial results from social media

The real reason why all businesses should be part of the social media phenomena is to connect with their existing and potential customers. Social media sites form communities of friends, family, professionals and like-minded people, who are all eager to share their product and service recommendations as part of defining who they are, what they like and what they do.

Without professional assistance, many businesses fail to impress on social media, missing a valuable opportunity; worse still, they attract negative feedback that has the potential to truly damage their brand.

At Hopping Mad Designs, our Social Media Services are simple yet effective. We can help you to enter the social media space, ensure you maintain a professional image, and arm you with the tools to really connect with users.

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