Are you looking at new ways to market your business online? Are Adwords getting too expensive? Are you finding that sales and new business leads are drying up? Do you want to eliminate the ups and downs associated with your business? Do you want to build your brand online as well as increase the amount of website traffic? Are you loosing customers online to your competition and can't figure out why?

Then you need to try Retargeting for your business. It’s a new marketing platform that is going to boost sales, increase revenue and grow your customer base. It's simple to implement, extremely cost effective and has a great ROI. Try it today and watch your sales grow.

Re-engage your customers, make sure that they return to your website & turn all those missed sales opportunities into paying customers with Sydney's most trusted digital marketing agency, Hopping Mad Designs. We know Retargeting better than anyone else.

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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting converts online browsers or window-shoppers into real buyers. And it is extremely effective at doing this.

Generally 3% of people that visit your website will make an actual purchase. The rest will simply exit your site without doing making a purchase or inquiry. Why? Because they have come to your website to collect information and for one reason or another they have decided not to commit to the sale.

What Retargeting does is brings back the other 97% by displaying your advert on other websites they visit. It follows them continuously on other websites. Whilst some people may not like this, the beauty of Retargeting means that your brand is very much front and centre, encouraging the consumer to buy from you. Whilst they may not have been ready previously when they visited your website, they might be ready now. This is the power of retargeting and this is why you should seriously be thinking about starting a campaign.

It’s probably one of the most powerful and cheapest ways to recapture those lost consumers who have visited your website.

Improve your brands online traction

Every time someone sees your ad online, you gain more brand credibility, more visibility, a higher profile and in turn more quality leads. Retargeting ensures that you are getting higher click through rates to your website, which is great for your bottom line.


What would it mean for your business and bottom line if, instead of getting 3 leads per day, you got 6?

This is the beauty of Retargeting and this is what is going to radically double even triple the amount of new business leads you will immediately see.

Why use Hopping Mad Designs?

> We are able to create individual stunning landing pages for each individual campaign. We are also able to design an eye catching, sales focused ad that with have great click through rates.

> We are able to monitor your advert on an hourly, daily basis and monitor it’s performance. We are quick to make any changes if we notice click rates drop.

> We schedule ads for the highest performance – we are also careful not to bombard your customers with the same ad.

We apply retargeted ads to people who have left a product in your shopping cart in the traditional buying cycle – that is after 15 days they start receiving the ads.

> We specifically target those customers that have abandoned your shopping cart. They have filled their cart and for some mysterious reason they have left the site. We create really catchy ads to remind them what they are missing out on.

> We provide comprehensive monthly reports showing how successful your retargeting campaign has been, with all those juicy bits of great data.

What are the Benefits of Retargeting?

> lower cost per click when compared to Adwords costs

> you are appealing to an audience that has already visited your website – therefore they are close to making a purchase

> the targeting is precise – you can appeal to a very segmented audience

> you can reach a wider audience by advertising on a wider range of websites

> you increase your cross channel marketing and are able to push and promote your brand across multiple platforms.


Ready to get more sales and customers?

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