Hopping Mad Designs is a Sydney based web design studio offering an exceptional standard of website design to Not For Profit Organisations. We apply the same ethics and standards of web design for the commercial sector as we do to Not For Profit Organisations and charities around Australia.

So if you are a NFP or a Charity and are looking for a great looking and effective website design PLUS a graphic design agency then please call us on 02 9360 8514 and see why working with us will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your NFP.

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Producing High Quality Not-For-Profit Website Design That Really Works!

We want to support, help and partner with all not-for-profit organisations (NFP) and we make a huge effort to provide our not-for-profit web design, SEO and marketing services to organisations and charities of all sizes and budgets.

We are acutely aware NFP’s and charities operate under tight budgets and marketing constraints and are happy to offer our web design services at reduced rates to assist our Not For Profit friends.

We understand and are sensitive to the fact that a major factor affecting the not-for-profit sector is the funding of new projects whether they be of a graphic design or web design nature. Few NFP can afford the services of a large, over priced website design agency or marketing studio.

This is where Hopping Mad Designs can help and has helped many Non For Profits over the years achieve their dreams of getting a stunning new website that a commercial operation would be proud of, all at rates that are aligned within a NFP’s budget. We are  delighted to offer this service and are happy to answer all levels of inquiries that Non for Profits may have about their website or digital marketing.

Whether your requirements are graphic design, web design or development, social media strategies and implementation, or SEO related – we are more than happy to help and bring those kind of results you could only dream of!

We Can Help With Your NFP Website and Drive New Membership Inquiries

Since 1998 we have been rendering help with web site design, graphic design as well as other marketing collateral to charities, associations, and not-for-profit organisations Australia wide.

We want to help and assist not-for-profit organisations in every way possible so we are happy to engage our resources and put them at your disposal to provide not-for-profits and charities Hopping Mad Designs web design services.

We don’t care about the size of the project; large or small, we are just happy to give something back – please call us on 02 9360 8514 for a free web or graphic design consultation.


Why Use Hopping Mad Designs for Your NFP or Charity Website ?

> We understand Non For Profit organisations and would like to extend our services to help you achieve your goals. As a successful web design + graphic design agency, Hopping Mad has been at the forefront of web design for many companies and businesses throughout Australia. But it is our involvement with NFP’s such as; Suicide Prevention Australia, The Holdsworth Centre, Greenpeace, The Mercy Foundation, AIESEC and the Palliative Care Association that really makes us proud.

> Our web design team know that there may be many stakeholders involved in the decision process so we are very flexible in the design process. If you need to make design amends we are very accommodating.

> We are a stable, mature and financially sound company. This means that we will never go missing in action whilst in the middle of your job. Working with Hopping Mad Designs means that you are going to be dealing with the two directors of the company in the first instance. Both of whom, have had extensive dealings with businesses, government organisations, charities and Non For Profits. We will always treat your design projects as a high priority and never ever put you at the bottom of the pile or off load your work to a junior designer. We respect that you are working within probably a very difficult area, whilst doing the community a service and these acts must be rewarded through our generosity of web design to you. We take everything that you give us extremely seriously –  noting that the end result will be helping someone.

> Our web design and development is based around a very user friendly WordPress content management system or CMS. This means that once you have the site designed you are able to make any amends you like through a back end admin area. Once trained in this its a great tool for you to keep the site current and update members with important news and events. The added bonus of our CMS is that it is so easy to use. This means that you never have to come back to us for changes, saving you loads of money that can be used elsewhere. Our CMS is super search engine friendly meaning that once we design and upload the website the search engines will easily pick up your site and rank it.

> As a Not For Profit you also need to get your website in front of potential members for donations. There is absolutely no use in getting a new website designed if no one can find you. This is where Hopping Mad Designs can help. We are able to not only design and develop your Not For Profit website but we can also get your new site ranking highly on the search engines such as Google. We have an in house team of SEO experts that specialise in ranking NFP and charity based websites. Again, with Not For Profit web design you will find that our rates are very reasonable and we are more than likely to be able to work within your budget constraints.

> Getting a Non For Profit Website Design is just the first step in letting the public know about you and your cause. One new area is social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google +. At Hopping Mad Designs we are able to guide you through the often confusing social media maze and highlight areas beneficial to your organisation. Our developers are able to integrate these social media platforms into your new site.

Helping NFP’s in the digital space

> Encouraging people to make donations is a massive part of the website. Our web designers can help you set up a PayPal and Eway facility to ensure that the transaction process is as seamless as possible.

> As a web designers we encourage interaction between the client and ourselves. If you have a more hands on style approach to your work, then we would love it if you came into our studio to discuss design feedback as well as other marketing ideas and options. We are always available, easy to get in touch with and very open and friendly in all our dealings.

> We ensure that the user interface; that is the way that the user interacts with the website, is easy to use and navigate as possible. We prefer the web interface to be accessible and as uncomplicated as can possibly be. Simplicity, combined with the use of clever graphics is the key to a successful website.

> We can also build mobile friendly / responsive websites. With the explosion of iPhone and android technology we are able to capitalise on these new platforms and build you a mobile friendly website that will expand your reach and customer base.

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If you are you are looking for an established, reliable, professional and very hard working web, graphic design and digital agency to handle all your communication and marketing material then please give us a call on 02 9360 8514