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Throughout Australia there are 100’s of Government departments, agencies and organisations that require a website,  each department requiring it’s own unique look and feel. There are however, some mandatory requirements that all these web sites must have. Some departments require more intensive Government design regulations, whilst others may just need the bare minimum such as the Australian Government logo.

We have a thorough understanding Government website requirements

Government websites generate an enormous amount of traffic and there can be thousands of visitors daily to these websites. Given these statistics, and site popularity, it is only right that the role web development be handled by a web design agency that has a strong, credible and very reliable work history backed by previous Government design work. Given the fact that there are so many web companies in Sydney, it is up to each Government Department to make the right decision when choosing the right agency to work with. Call us today on 02 9360 8514 and see why we would be such a great design partner!

Why should you choose Hopping Mad Designs?

> We have been in business  for over 18 years and have the design and web skills necessary to deliver to a website that is user friendly and adheres to strict Government standards.

> Our in house design team are  web professionals. Web Design is our core strength and when working with Hopping Mad you will be teaming up with a studio that will be able to totally transform your Government website into a powerful information piece.

> Approachable and super friendly, we make each client immediately at ease and turn what can often be seen as an arduous task into a pleasurable experience. Plus we are already on the Federal Government Graphic Design Panel which means that we have already jumped through the necessary hurdles to gain this accreditation.

> Working with Hopping Mad means that you can cut your due diligence home work in half and go with a company that has been designing and building websites for Government and businesses Australia wide since 1998.

> We are price sensitive to Government budgets and are happy to discuss this at any stage.

Government Website Development & Technology Solutions

We hold all the necessary insurances required by Government Departments such as; public liability, product liability, professional indemnity, workers’ compensation and are prepared to obtain further insurances if required by a specific department. We are more than happy to provide you with a comprehensive list of insurances with the documentation.

Ethical Web Design standards for Government or Local Council’s

As an established web design studio you can rest easy that we will be around for the entire web project.

We are an established Sydney based web design studio that has been working with many well known Australian household brands, Government departments plus many other types of companies and businesses throughout Australia.

We have the staff, resources and capacity to handle any web or graphic design project that you want. We are able to scale up our resources at any time.

Industry standard content management systems

A proven and very efficient platform for web site development and deployment, Hopping Mad Design’s WordPress, Joomla or Magento content management system solutions (CMS) are simple and highly easy-to-use tools that facilitate and allow non internet savvy users to effectively manage, add or delete, share, and store website information and content. Plus we will provide full training and support before and after your new website is launched.

Our Government-focused CMS solutions are designed for security, simplicity, and amalgamation with current and existing online systems.

We are also happy to work with any existing CMS platforms you may have.

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