It's one thing to have a great looking site but if it's not converting visitors to customers, it's not working hard enough for your business.

At Hopping Mad Designs, we maximise your website's full potential to ensure your site engages and converts online visitors into actual targeted inquiries & sales.

Stop losing customers to your competition and let us design your next website with a strong focus on customer conversion rates, the consumers journey and the overall user experience.

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Converting online browsers into paying customers & repeat clients.

Hopping Mad Designs work hard to create a site that works hard for your business. There are a number of important factors we consider in this optimisation. Firstly design is a key component, but we also analyse your traffic, bounce rates and visitor behaviour. Not only that, we assess your content, your call to actions and key points of difference. Have a look at our web design portfolio to see some of our fabulous work.

Clear and consistent communication is a imperative in any digital or marketing piece. Our advise is strategic and cyclical. We test, review and re-test. There are no set and forget solutions in the online space. Hopping Mad Designs will partner with you for long term, long lasting results that will boost revenue.

Turn all that great web traffic into more sales and heaps more revenue

Is your website converting visitors into paying customers? Are people coming to your website and then exiting the site without buying anything or making an inquiry?mWe can help by designing web pages that are aimed specifically at converting all those would be potential browsers into actual paying customers. This is known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and is at the core of everything we do. At Hopping Mad Designs we CONVERT your website into a full time, hard working sales tool that keeps on delivering those great new business leads, inquiries and sales.

Most people, when they land on your website will make up their mind whether they are going to stay or leave within 3 to 5 seconds. It is critical that your website makes a great first impression instantly and this is why your need a CRO strategy.

Well designed landing pages by the team at Hopping Mad Designs will dramatically improve your sales, boost inquiries and generate a whole lot more leads than you ever imagined possible for your business.



Laser Tattoff
Laser Tattoff
New brand and website for a tattoo removal business
The Private Clinic
The Private Clinic
Responsive website for a private clinic
Evolution Laser
Evolution Laser
Brand redevelopment, new website and an SEO campaign for Evolution Laser Clinic
The Art of Whole Food
The Art of Whole Food
A stylish eCommerce site for a boutique broth company
Responsive website for construction company Lipman
Brand development and website for boutique dental surgery Dentessence.
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How does conversion rate optimisation work?

This issue with websites is that many of the main landing pages are genuinely floored and have many design features that actively turn people away, preventing the sale or the inquiry. A lot of these work at a subconscious level, but others are glaringly obvious, for example lack of phone numbers and inquiry buttons.

Most websites designed years ago were put together in an ad-hoc manner without any thought put into conversion rates. Nowadays, all sites need at least some form of CRO if they are going to be successful online and convert those browsers into customers.

When you sign on with the Hopping Mad Designs Conversion Rate Optimisation service, we look at ways to quickly identify and eliminate elements on your website that will obstruct the user from staying on the site and making a purchase easily.

We will then work with our designers on replacing these negative design elements and replacing them with ones that will get your phone buzzing with inquiries.

It is really amazing what a small few changes to a web page can do for your sales. A large ‘free call’ sign on the top right hand corner of the page is a winner! Moving the ‘free delivery’ icon to the top of the main banner can make a huge difference.

What do the conversion rate optimisation experts at Hopping Mad Designs focus on?





Here is an outline of what our CRO team will do to grow your business:






At Hopping Mad Designs we use tools, proven methods, experienced analysts and ongoing  conversion rate optimisation programs that will make a significant difference to your websites performance.

Ready to get more sales and customers?

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