Do you need professional copy writing and content marketing? Professional copy writing for websites and social media platforms should now be part of your marketing mix. Not only is it important for your search engine rankings but it has a massive impact on customer conversion rates.

Persuasive and effective copy on your website is a crucial piece of the website puzzle. Without it, the chances of online success are limited.

Our team of web copy writers can create content that excites, engages and motivates your customers to buy.

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Website copy writing that works!

It’s not enough to have a great looking website that ranks well on the search engines. Badly written content will affect your site’s performance and potentially cost you customers. Hopping Mad Designs provides experienced and professional copy writing services to lift your website and it’s communication to the next level. Our copy writers work with our SEO team, to ensure the right words are in place – so all online strategies are working together in a cohesive and effective manner.

Great content means better online rankings

If you want your website to rank on the search engines, then you need to be constantly updating your website, social media platforms and blog with fresh, new relevant content. A one-off approach to this will not work. Content writing has to be done on a regular week to week basis if you are going to see any positive results. This is especially true for your blog. A content strategy for your company or business blog will allow you to dominate the search results for your industry which in turn will drive online traffic to your site. Businesses that blog regularly receive up to 87% more traffic than those who don’t. Search engines love new content. This is where our team of content writers can help with regular blog posts and articles.

Clever content equals higher conversion rates

Customers come to your website looking for answers or wanting to engage your services or buy your product. Our writers use content that works and sells to your audience. We are never overly pushy, too sales focused, or egotistical. We like to keep it real, honest and give your content personality.

Our goal is to make a real connection with your audience. We  write copy that has the human touch which your customer base can identify with.

A content plan will result in increased sales

Some websites without a content strategy have little on no call to action statements or relevant buy navigation hot buttons. Alternatively, some sites are just too over bearing with flashy banners and tacky content. The trick here is to have a content strategy that marries the the two; funnel web visitors down the sales path, thereby giving them the best web experience (UX) possible. This is not as easy as it would seem, but if handled properly by your web design team and copy writers, you will see an increase in sales.

We know how to combine all the factors that go into a successful website such as the User Experience, SEO and content.

Content develops and nurtures consumer relationships

If you are serious about building a loyal client base and driving sales, then having professional written content for your demographic is crucial for online success. Think about it, if you are a clothing retailer catering to the younger market, then your content strategy should be all about youth and energy. Conversely, if you are targeting the corporate market, your content should have a more sophisticated, polished conservative tone. Get it wrong and you will dilute your brand. This is where we can help. We can publish content geared directly towards your market.

Travel Insurance Plus
Travel Insurance Plus
Brand development, online solution and digital marketing for travel insurance
Evolution Laser
Evolution Laser
Brand redevelopment, new website and an SEO campaign for Evolution Laser Clinic
All Sorts Fitness
All Sorts Fitness
New website & SEO campaign with micro sites for All Sorts FItness and Wellbeing Centre.
St Andrews College
St Andrews College
New website for St Andrews College
MST Global
MST Global
New website for communication and technology solutions company MST Global
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Why use Hopping Mad Designs for your content strategy & content marketing?

Hopping Mad Designs has over 17 years of writing and implementing content strategies for websites. Working alongside some of the best journalists, PR firms, web experts and copy writing teams, we are able to plan out, implement, monitor and manage your entire content marketing strategy from our studio in Sydney.

Our content marketing strategists will assist and guide your business with:

Developing your business message or value proposition. Who is your company, what does it represent and how what is it about your company that is so unique? We can help your identify all these key elements and develop and online content strategy that will bring in those site visitors and radically improve conversion rates.

We produce web content which is exceptionally SEO-friendly. Our content team knows what it takes to get each of your web pages ranked on the search engines. We are able to write copy that not only appeals to users but also gets you to the front page of Google. Our web designers work closely with the SEO team and content strategists to make sure that each page of your website; looks visually great, is highly relevant, tailored and customised to your audience plus ticks all the boxes that Google needs in order to rank.

A one stop shop. Having separate suppliers and contractors to handle various components of your online marketing is a very bad idea. You need one firm to facilitate all your online communications; including your copy writing. At Hopping Mad we are able to pool and combine all these various resources under one roof.

We know social media. We are able to write content for specific social media platforms that will see you dominate the social media space.

Mobile phone content. Writing copy for desktops and mobile/hand held devices are 2 totally separate skills which we know and understand. We can craft content for the mobile market  that will lead to more inquiries.

Our blog posts rank on Google. We are able to write a blog post for you and have it appearing on all search engines within a matter of only a few weeks. That is an awesome achievement, but can only be done by a content company that has experienced copy writers and web developers.

Value added sales copy. We know what it takes to trigger that emotional buying decision from the online consumer. So whether, you have a standard or eCommerce website, we are able to funnel visitors down the buying path, from the home page to the check out page, with snappy well worded sales copy or precise product descriptions.

Work across many industries. We work across many business sectors, so we are not industry specific focused. We have flexibility in our writing skills so we are able to tailor make content for your business that works.

We never cut corners. All content has been written buy a copy expert and then proofed by an editor before you even see it. A point to note here, is that we never out source any of our work, which is very often the case with content marketing companies, who offer cheap content package deals.

We look at your competition. We see what they are doing, how they are succeeding and how do they differ from you. We make sure that your competitors are on our radar and ensure that our content strategies evoke new more positive emotions for the consumer. We make sure that we have a 360-degree industry wide view, so that everything we do is aimed at making you look better, different and more on top of your game.

Every company has their own brand position and unique story. So, whether your business needs a full content marketing overhaul, or just continual support with your content writing, we are able to customise the best and most economical solution for you.

Ready to get started with your content marketing?

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