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All businesses have the same issues and problems. That is, where is the next lead going to come from and what can you do to generate this lead? Do you cold call, send an email out, door knock, get a flyer designed and letterbox drop or do you put an ad in the local magazine?

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All this used to work a few years ago, but nowadays this is just a waste of time and money. Simply put, it won’t work and the kind of leads you will end up with will not be worth the effort. The very best thing you can do to generate leads for your business is SEO or search engine optimisation.

For those who have never heard about this or have never done it before, SEO is all about getting your website, higher up the search results for specific keywords. So for example, if I have a locksmith business in Sydney, I want to be up there on page 1 when someone is searching for locksmiths in Sydney.

So what makes SEO such a great lead generator for your business?

SEO is targeted. Your website will appear for those people that are looking for your offering. People are not wasting time online doing random searches. If they want something they will go to Google and look for it – simple as that. If you are up there on page 1, the chances that you will get that new sales lead are extremely high. This makes is an awesome lead generating tool.

If the leads are targeted, you are not dealing with time wasters. These people have clearly gone online, done a search and are ready to make their purchasing decision.

It is very real time. Your websites main landing page is up there for a specific keyword search so all the information a prospective buyer could want is right in front of them. There is no second guessing. What they see is what they get and this makes your website (when it’s combined with SEO) a very powerful lead generating tool. Think about it, all the information they could ever want about your service is there online. All they need to do is pick up the phone and call.

Let’s compare SEO to other forms of marketing. Radio, TV, print ads in newspapers / magazines, trade fairs are all very expensive and when you compare the cost of generating 1 decent lead, SEO comes in miles ahead. The return on your marketing dollar is so much higher compared to other traditional forms of marketing.

We have to be very realistic about Google and ranking your preferred keywords. Basically, it is a long term exercise but the great thing is that you can look for less competitive keywords, that still have a fair amount of web traffic to rank in the short term that will bring in the leads. If you have a new business and want to start to generate sales, then you can literally start to see the leads flowing in within a couple of months. Granted this is not instantaneous, but this is how it works with Google. Organic, natural rankings take time, but if you are prepared to wait then it will bear fruit….and lots of it.

Having your website on page 1 is a real achievement. You clients will notice this, your competition will certainly notice this, which is great for branding purposes. Having great organic rankings establishes your firm as a market leader which in turn will bring in those leads.

Remember, it’s a trust issue. People know that Google will only display results that are the best for the user and if they throw your website up there, then the consumer will inherently place great value and trust on your site. There is no better lead generating factor than trust and Google does this for you.

How to find the right SEO agency that will generate credible leads?

This is a big area and because there are so many SEO companies out there all claiming to be able to generate leads you really have to make the right choice. Mistakes at this stage can and will only lead to issues. Here are a few tips in helping you, the business owner find a suitable SEO / lead generating supplier.

If they offer unrealistic, very quick rankings or are prepared to do the SEO for free, I would watch out. These tactics are used by many SEO agencies to scam you into signing a contract. SEO takes time and if you want to generate leads for you business in the medium to long term, then you have to play by the rules that Google makes. Go with a lead generating agency that offers realistic timings with proven SEO abilities.

If you want great leads from your SEO campaign then you need to be paying a fair price for your SEO. Looking for the cheapest SEO agency is not the way to go and whilst I know this is tempting, this will only end up with poor results. SEO is priced based on the competitive nature of the keywords you are trying to target. Being very tight with your SEO budget is not going to deliver the kind of results you want. Spend accordingly and you will see those leads pour in. Avoid agencies that are trying to buy your business.

Why Choose Hopping Mad Designs as your Lead Generation Agency.

The answer to this is very simple. It’s because we know SEO and we know how to rank websites on Google. We have worked with countless businesses in Sydney who have all wanted more from their online marketing – and we have been able to deliver. We have been able to take businesses that have had little or no new leads coming in and turn sales inquiries around for them within a matter of a couple of months.

The advantage of working with us is that we can also design dedicated high converting landing pages that sell hard to the consumer. We are able to take these individual pages and rank them on Google. These pages are designed by our team of web / interface designers for maximum lead generation. We know what makes customers click and buy from your site. For any business this is great news. A one-stop-shop where you can get website design combined with SEO to bring in those juicy new sales leads.

So if you are fed up with the phone not ringing and those new leads drying up, please don’t wait till things get worse. Give us a call on 02 9360 8514 to discuss the best SEO options to get things moving again. We know how to generate quality leads more often from the right type of customer.

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