Why does your Business need Mobile Website Design?

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The need for mobile website design is something that is no longer a pipe dream for most businesses. It is not something that should be tabled for another day or next year. Mobile website design is current and all business owners as well as marketing people should be well on top of the fact that if they are without a mobile web site, then they are loosing out on a huge mobile customer base. It’s a massive market and will continue to grow both here in Australia and overseas.

Mobile websites just make it so much easier for people using hand held and all mobile devised to browse a website and make a purchase. Mobile users are now so savvy about their brands, that they have come to expect that their favourite product will be available for them to buy through a website that has been converted to a mobile platform.

Businesses should be aware that having a website only in desktop format, is going to harm potential sales as more of their consumer base gravitates to this mobile environment. All you need to do is look around you and you will see the massive uptake of these mobile phones. Basically, everyone is using them and they seem to be browsing the internet all the time. From school kids, right through to the teenage market and even seniors, the mobile phone has completely changed the way we look and buy products online.

Even the business to business market should be aware of this mobile craze. Businesses are also guilty of using the mobile phone to conduct their searches and are becoming more reliant on being able to search for business services on mobiles.

What is the Need for Mobile Website Design?

Mobile website design is becoming a major factor in businesses online digital strategy. Mobile web solutions are fast becoming the ‘must need’ web accessory and the following reasons point out why.

  1. If you look at the uptake and overall demographics of mobile sites, businesses can see that it has gone totally viral. Without exception it has creeped into our daily lives and we have become dependant on them.
  2. Because mobile sites are easier to design and develop the cost component involved with their implementation is fairly cheap, hence the need outweighs the cost./
  3. If a user on a hand held cannot find what they want within a few seconds, they are history. I mean a ghost. They will exit your site as fast as they can and go elsewhere. The need to pander to their needs and satisfy this need for online speed, means that a mobile version of your website is now a mandatory. If the user has to pinch the screen to enlarge the content, consider this a sign that your business is in grave need of a mobile overhaul. The youth especially teenagers want their information at warp speed, packaged nicely for them to buy. Careful consideration and cautious behaviour are a thing of the past when access to their favourit brands and products are a click away. It is almost an unfair advantage for businesses looking to get into this market. Why not I say. If they have the cash and are prepared to buy, then give them what they want. But make it as easy as possible for them. The way that your mobile website is designed will have a huge bearing on consumer behaviour and brand loyalty, so make it as streamlined, visual and enticing as you can. Youth on their phones on the go, will buy your goods en masse if what they see is appealing.

Ways to Find the Best Mobile Website Design Companies.

Finding a company that can implement your mobile web strategy is not so easy. Following are some handy hints in helping you find that diamond in the rough. That web design company who can design, build and offer marketing solutions for your mobile website.

  • look for companies that have a previous history in mobile website design and marketing. Check out their portfolio and see who they have worked for in the past.
  • If you have fond them on Google, chances are they are good at their SEO. Pop in and meet with them to see who your designer will be. Remember, this is your business and you really don’t want to take unnecessary risks or chances by doing everything online. This is a recipe for disaster and I have personally seen the consequences on bad decisions that have been made by businesses who never meet with their web developers.
  • If they offer cheap mobile solutions, then you should be asking yourself what corners will they be cutting to get your project over the line. As in all things you buy, you get what you pay. Your business deserves the best and working with a reputable company will reap your rewards later on. You have to trust me on this. I have been in this web industry for over 18 years and I have seen some monumental disasters, from businesses that have gone down the cheap route.
  • Google the keywords ‘ mobile web design’ in your capital city ( Sydney) for us and take your pick. Be warned! Choose wisely has the choice you make now could end up costing you more than money.
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