Why does my website need to be responsive?

June 21 2015

All websites nowadays need to be responsive or what is termed mobile friendly. A responsive website means that it is viewable on all hand held devices and tablets. Essentially it provides the user with a much better viewing experience and allows them to navigate your site so much easier that if it wasn’t responsive. There are many great reasons why your website, not matter the size of industry, must be responsive and following are a few of them.

Responsive websites make for a much better customer user experience.

If your website is responsive this means your potential customer will be able to use your website whilst on their mobile phone a hell of a lot easier. Responsive design means that the navigation buttons are front and centre on the screen and not tucked away at the top of the site as you generally see in a desktop / traditional version of the site. No need to pinch and grab or squint your eyes – responsive is large and bold and stands out. This means that you are more likely to slide buttons rather than tap them. This is so much simpler when you are searching on your iphone. Think about it, don’t you just hate having to look at sites that are really small on your phone. It’s incredibly hard to use and I absolutely hate it. Imagine and multiply this by the number of people who visit your site daily. These bad web experiences are extremely damaging to your brand and sales.

MAKE THE MOVE – GET A RESPONSIVE SITE NOW! It’s not as hard as you think.

So many people are on their mobiles these days and they have come to expect that all sites they see will be in this type of responsive or mobile friendly format. If not, and the site is a massive pain and hassle to navigate, these people are simply going to look elsewhere. They are going to exit your site and look for one that is responsive. The outcome is a lost sale or client. It’s bad when it happens once or twice, but I can bet anything if you go into analytics and check your bounce rates, they are going to be well above average on mobile phones. We see it all the time and notice the huge drop on customers leaving sites once we make them responsive.

If you are a business owner then this should alarm you or at least push you into action if you have not started this process!

This is probably the most important reason why your website should be responsive in this day and age. There are just far too many people who are mobile savvy and who are now conditioned to viewing sites responsively to ignore this. If your business model is completely online ( such as many ecommerce websites) and you rely of web traffic to drive revenue, then having a responsive site is a no brainer. Don’t even think about starting any type of online ecommerce venture if it is not going to adapt to all screen sizes. It’s just not worth it and you won’t get the kind of conversions you were hoping for.

The next reason is all about your Google rankings.

As of 21st April 2015, Google has clearly stated that it will rank websites higher in its search results that are responsive over websites that are not. This means that if you want to best possible Google ranking for your website, then Google will only rank it higher in it’s SERP’s if it is responsive. Please note this only applies to handheld devices and tablets – your desktop rankings should remain unaffected for now.

So if you love having a great Google ranking like we do here at Hopping Mad Designs, then you need to start thinking about making your website mobile friendly.

Responsive websites just load faster which makes the user experience better, which means ultimately more money for you. Remember, the aim of your business is to make money and if this will help you then you should be jumping at this opportunity.

Recent studies show that responsive websites have a 45% higher click through rate than traditional sites when viewed on a mobile device. This means your click through rate and customer conversion rates are going to be so much higher. See, it’s all about making the consumer happy and making their viewing experience more pleasurable. If you can satisfy their online needs when browsing then you are doing the best thing for your business.

Are Responsive websites Expensive?

Not necessarily. Most websites we design and build are mobile friendly. It is simply a matter of designing 2 extra layouts( tablet and mobile) and then hard code this into the desktop version. So if you are a small business and looking to make the transition of a responsive platform, don’t stress as it will not blow the marketing budget. In fact, you might be surprised at how reasonable the costs can be.

How long does it take to make my website responsive?

If the site is fairly simple; that is a brochure style /typical website then the whole process can take a few days. However, if you have a more complex shopping cart then you need to allow for a couple of weeks. In most cases the process is fairly straight forward and we can turn things around for you very quickly.

What type of businesses should be getting responsive websites?

In short, all businesses need to be responsive. Just as over time every business, company and organisation realised the need for a website, so too will the uptake be for this new technology. From tradies, doctors right through to professional services, everyone needs a responsive site. So when you are talking to your web development team make sure they include this in their discussions with you.

So if you have been reading information online about how improtant responsive sites are and you want to get on board with this – please call us on 02 9360 8514.

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