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Are you a plumber, electrician, builder, glazier, handyman, mechanic, tiler, pool cleaner, renderer, brickie, painter or even a landscaper? Whatever the trade, we can design and build you a website for your trades business that is :

If your a tradie and are looking for more business then you need the combination of a great looking website and search engine optimisation – this is the only way you are ever going to get found online.
You can forget about placing an ad in the local Yellow Pages or even a local newspaper. People simply do not go there any more when looking for a trades service.

What they now do is type the service they are looking for into the search engine Google and look for their tradie online.

If your tradies website is not found there, then guess what, you loose out on the business. It is the way of the future and all trades that have a business and are looking to expand and grow their business need to understand this and need to get a website designed by a web design studio like Hopping Mad Designs.


There is no need to pay a fortune for your tradesmen website. You can now get online very quickly with our Trades Starter Packages:

What Do You Get:

Customised Web Design for your Home Page

this will give your trades business the unique look and feel that you are wanting to stand out and be different from your competition.

A Services Page – This is where you can display and talk about your services and what you are offering. A great place to really sell yourself and your business. If you get stuck for ideas or wording let me know and we can help you with our in house copy writing servcies that specialise in trades websites.

FAQs Page – This is an awesome way to let your clients know about anything about the job; pre/post job common questions that they may have. Think of all the hassle this will save you when they call you up while on the job with a question. All you need to do is refer them to your new tradesmen website and all the answers will be there. And the beauty of this is that you can keep adding questions and answers to this section through our easy to use content management admin area.

About Us Page – On this page you want to tell your potential clients about you and how good you are. A great idea is to let them know your: qualifications, where you have worked in the past, your experience in the industry as well as length of time spent in this trade.

Contact Page – Here you can have your mobile number as well as an email address. If you have a shop or outlet we can link this up with Google Maps to make it much easier for people to find you.

Testimonials Page – Nothing screams louder to your potential clients than what other people are saying about you. If you are able to get say two to three testimonials and display them on this page, it will build a huge amount of confidence in you and your trades business. Even better, if you can have a couple of case studies on this page, matched up with a testimonial for each job, then that will be an extremely powerful marketing tool for you and your website


This is a no brainer. You’re a trades person and the ultimate aim of your website is to not generate and email inquiry but a phone inquiry. Generally, when people are calling you they are in trouble and need your services ASAP. This is not a long sales process like in some other businesses. This is a quick call to action, make the phone call, come around, fix the problem and move on. For this main reason, you need two very large pieces of information. That is, a very bold phone number and a big description of what you can do, e.g WATER LEAK REPAIR FAST.

You need the consumer, who is looking online to be able to find you quickly and know exactly your offering and how to contact you. We are able to advice you in more detail about this process but the fundamentals are the same when it comes to tradies website design; keep it simple and keep it large.

One point to note, is that you really need your trades website to be found on Google and this is something that you should be discussing with your account manager at Hopping mad Designs whilst you are getting your site designed. Let us handle your SEO campaign and get you ranking on page 1 of Google!

Get online now with a great looking website

Be clear about the areas you work in and service. There are over 4500 searches Australia wide for electricians and you really do not want to be fielding inquiries from all over Australia if you only work in Sydney. There is no point in getting business across the country if you are not able to service it. So be very clear about the geographic areas and boundaries you work within.

Sydney Website Design Plug for Hopping Mad Designs : Check take time to have a look at our website design Sydney webpage if you are a tradie and are now looking to get yourself a new website. In know this is a bit of a self promotion but heythis is my business and after all i am one of the account managers for Hopping Mad Designs.

So if you want the experience of a trusted web design studio that has been working in the industry for well over 18 years then please give us a call. We have worked with tradies all over Australia and would love to be able to work with you on your website.

We will make 100% sure that you get a website that you will be proud of and a site that will act as an extremely powerful sales and marketing tool for your trades business. As designers we will give you a website that will look totally different from your competition and really give you the online boost your site needs to stand out from all those other boring tradies web sites.

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