Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Advertise on Facebook

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Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the internet and businesses looking for an alternative place to advertise should be seriously considering advertising on Facebook in conjunction with their other marketing streams. Over the past 6-12 months we have been experimenting with Facebook advertising for ourselves as well as clients and have found, quite surprisingly, that Facebook delivers a great return on investment. These ads are quite cheap in comparison to Google for example and the inquiry rates can be as high as ads placed on other directories or search engines. In the competitive online advertising and web world, this is great news for businesses and companies looking to attract new customers as well as exploring new and emerging markets.

Properly managed Facebook campaigns can bring in serious amounts of new business as proven in the past by some of our social media campaigns – one for example was a campaign we implemented for a ‘rental villa company’.

Adwords were delivering OK results but as soon as we started the Facebook campaign we ended up with about 1000 ‘likes/followers’ in roughly 2 months and  the site was getting about 3 rental leads per day extra – all this with a $10 per day budget. This is a great ROI !


Following are a few great reasons why businesses should now consider engaging a company like Hopping Mad Designs to handle their Facebook profile and ad campaign.


Tip 1.    Facebook Reach is Huge – so you get a massive BOOST in new Customers.

Let's not underestimate the power of Facebook. Yes, Google is still the king BUT Facebook comes in at a very close second. There are over 1.3 billion users and companies engaging daily on Facebook and your business needs to be part of the mix here.

I am not for 1 minute suggesting that you ignore Google and reduce any adwords or SEO spend that you may currently be doing. But, I urge you to realistically put aside a budget for Facebook advertising – it can be a small percentage of your overall marketing spend, BUT at least give it a try. As I said before, we have don this in the past and the results are really quite good.

Once you get fans and likes and a loyal following on Facebook, there is really no turning back.


Tip 2.    The Facebook Ad Program Assists Companies Focus In On Their Core Demographic

The key to any marketing campaign is knowing your target audience and knowing what they are looking for. Strategically marketing to this core audience is what will generate sales and in the end grow your business. And this is the BEAUTY about Facebook. It let’s you target an exact demographic, and then encourages these users to ‘like’ your page. Once they are hooked then you’ve got them.

The great thing about this is you are not wasting time or effort appealing to the wrong audience. You can zoom in and really hit your market hard with specials,  give aways, coupons, company news, new products, basically anything you like thats going to trigger a sale.

For example if you run a backpackers hotel you can streamline and specifically target your ads to a certain demographic of users who are say 18-25 who are based in an area, who like to travel and who are single. It is this kind of filtering system that makes Facebook so appealing.


Tip 3.    Facebook Ads Create a Following and Act as a Tremendous ‘Word-of-Mouth’ Tool.

People love word of mouth recommendations and if users on Facebook can see that their friends have ‘liked’ your company then most likely they are going to start following you. This can happen quickly so be prepared for the rush.
Once a group of interested parties start following your Facebook page you can easily see how quickly this spreads. This is called ‘viral marketing’ and Facebook is the perfect facilitator of this.

I have literally seen businesses get over 500 followers in a day if there Facebook ad is effective and is backed up by a great looking Facebook page. Highly creating and cleverly worded ads can have a huge impact. Driving people from these ads to your homepage is what it is all about – an IMPORTANT tip here is to plane this out carefully. Perhaps get a graphic design agency to come up with some clever graphics for your FB page to really give your brand a push.

Remember an attractive landing page designed specifically for your market will have a tremendous impact on your clients reaction to your brand and how they will interact with it. This is vital so try not to cut corners with the design side of things.

Tip 4.    Facebook Ads Are A Lot Cheaper Than Google Adwords

Don’t be surprised if you are in a very competitive niche to be paying upwards of $40-$50 per click on Google Adwords. Yes thats right. And this is only going to get more expensive as the market matures and alternative sources of advertising start to dry up. This is NOT good news for a small to medium sized business wanting to crack into a new market or promote a new product line. Google is such a premium product that alternatives like ads on Facebook are actually quite cheap by comparison.

It would be good to split test the performance of both ad streams and find out the best ROI you are getting for your advertising dollar. Both platforms will have analytics where you can review and dissect performance and leads. But make sure you ask your clients where they found you; Google or Facebook. The results may even surprise you.

A Simple Conclusion:

All company owners and marketing agencies, today operate with one main goal and that is to drive sales and broaden the consumer base. Facebook is slowly creeping into this space by providing businesses the opportunity to tap into certain markets and compete with the ‘big boys’.
The very nature of Facebook now allows small businesses to reach out and in a much more level playing field and grab some of those new consumers who were previously unattainable. What a fantastic opportunity this is and I suggest businesses ( no matter the size) seize this moment and start making some money!



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