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Social Media FAQ’s

November 27 2015

What exactly is social media?

The best way to think about social media, is to imagine it as something that allows online communities to share information. Many people think that its just Facebook and Instagram, but its really so much more than that and with broader tactics, strategies and implementations of content marketing it can be used to help achieve your goals, by generating enormous amounts of interest in your business, drive new sales leads / inquiries and boost revenues. It’s a great marketing tool if you want to quickly get your product to market. It’s fast, instant and best of all it’s free. But you have to know what you are doing to make it work for you and be successful.

Do I really need social media?

This is probably the most common question among small-medium business owners. Many think that they don’t need social media because their industry isn’t relevant and they’re doing just fine without it. But why miss out on an opportunity to generate leads, make sales and increase your brand awareness on a free platform?


How do I get more followers and fans?

There’s so many different articles out there describing how to increase your fans and followers, but the golden rule of social media is quality.

In recent times Facebook algorithms are geared towards quality, engaging content. To get the best results you need to be posting quality content that this related to your brand. Numbers to matter to have an impact on sales and click through rates, but its better not to compromise for the sake of more followers. 10 engaged followers is better that 1000 non-engaged followers.


When should I post on social media?

The best way to go about this is to think about what kind of people are in your audience and what kind of people you want to see your post. Do these people work during the day? If they do, then you can post in the morning or evening when they’re commuting. If you want to target people that don’t necessarily work 9-5, post in mid-morning, mid-afternoon and mid-evening Test your content at different times and see which get the best response.


Why do you need a social media expert working on your pages? Isn’t posting our blogs enough?

Most people think that social media is just posting a few updates, but it really goes so much further beyond on that. The key to mastering social media is getting the right amount of promotion content that is not search friendly, but engaging. Effective social media management involves growing your audience, while maintaining and engaging your existing audience. It needs a well thought out plan of attack.


I’m reaching my weekly and monthly targets, why do I need to keep posting? Creating conditions for a social media audience to thrive, requires building on ongoing relationship and connection with the people your talking to. This requires a level of investment, this can be time, resources and depending on your situation money. If nurtured properly is can become a self-sustaining model where content is generated by both the company and the audience, and ultimately strengthening your brand awareness. Keep posting and think of it as a long term investment.


Why can’t we just post the same content on facebook, instgram, google + and linked in everyday?

To maintain and authenticity, its important to not just blast your followers with the same information across all mediums everyday. Social media has been dubbed the new “free” advertising model, although this is unfair assessment, getting your content right requires a strong creative resources. Each social medium serves a different purpose and your content needs to tailored accordingly.


Do I need to adjust my content for mobile devices?

Yes! Facebook alone has millions of users that only use the application on their mobile. Mobile generates about a third of Facebook’s advertising revenue, so it worth considering how your content displays on mobile devices and smaller screens before posting it. Instagram is almost exclusive to mobile devices, so its particularly important how you utilise this and implement strategies to get click through and conversion from mobile devices.


How do you get your audience involved and engagement?

Firstly there cant be enough of an emphasis on quality, relevant content. If you content is good, your audience will be engaged. But there’s a few other ways to get the ball rolling.

  1. Share some thing that is behind the scenes, or something a bit more personal about your company rather than just talking about your product or service.
  2. Ask questions! Prompt your followers to respond, hit like or leave a comment.
  3. If all else fails – Run a giveaway. Everyone loves something for nothing!


What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is now considered an aspect of search engine marketing. Generally speaking the aim of social media marketing it to gain website traffic, but there is so many other ways you can reach customers effectively on social media. It can be promoting a video, that is then shared by you followers, or a strategic advertising campaign targeting a unique marketing to generate sales – the possibilities and endless an can be catered to suit your needs.


How important is it to have a social media strategy?

A social media strategy can be as complex or as simple as you want it, but essentially it outlines where you’re heading and how you’re going to get there.

A good way to start thinking about strategy is asking what do you want to use social media for? The answer can be anything from sales to awareness. Its best to have a clear goal in mind and focus on that. Its important to have a strategy in place so you can measure the effectiveness of what you’re doing. For example if your goal is to increase sales, you will be tracking click rights, social e-commerce sales and conversion rates and adjusting your content based on results.


How do I run a successful advertising campaign on Facebook?

When starting an advertising campaign on Facebook it is important to outline the short and long term goals you want to achieve. From this you can select the ad-type or objective that best fits your goals, which will determine what kind of action your audience will take. This can range from boosting your posts, promoting your page to getting website conversions. Next, take a second to think about the kinds of images and copy that will appeal to your audience and whether you will need someone with some graphic design skills to create something. The next step is working out who your audience is a how you will target them. Once you have an understanding of these factors, you will be able to create an effective campaign to generate return.


Can a business use social media to understand more about what their customers want?

Yes! Social media is an amazing place to learn who your customer are what they like. You can think of it as very large, opinionated focus group. If you’ve got a lot of followers already you can have a look at who they are, where they live and the things they like. If not, you can make dummy audiences and work all these things out. The data can then be used to directed other marketing campaigns and promotions to improve your business. Social is also a great place to test your ads, slogans and product ideas before you release them.


What is the difference between social media marketing and social media optimisation?

Social media marketing involves using social media to advertise and promote your product or service. This can done by posting content on social media and prompting viewers to visit your website or creating a specific campaign through Facebook or Instagrams advertising tools.

Social media optimisation is a process that involves embedding social media icons on your website, share icons to your blog, and encouraging social media engagement and promoting your brands identity on social media.


Can I just do what my competitors are doing on Facebook and expect the same results?

No- when it comes to social media originality is key. Copy cat tactics may work in other areas of marketing, but with social its important to have a genuine, unique voice. To keep on brand, while still being original its important to make sure that your message, voice and tone is consistent and become a page with posts worth reading and content worth sharing.

So, if you need an agency with vast social media marketing experience to help you manage and promote your business please get in touch with us here at Hopping Mad Designs