SEO Scams and How to Avoid Being Stung

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SEO has some what of a tarnished name all due to companies that operate in a very dubious manner. Basically, they are out to scam you, take your money, lock you into a contract and do absolutely nothing for your money. They are ripping you off big time and getting away with it. There are absolutely heaps of companies doing this and they have got their scams down to a very fine art. So be very careful who you decide to help you with you SEO. Following are some helpful tips to spot these scams and fraudsters so you DO NOT end up getting stung. Read these carefully and always refer back to these tips when dealing with these ‘so called’ SEO companies. They are gold and might end up saving your business.

  1. The Guarantee: Dealing with Google is NEVER easy. They change the ranking algorithm daily. They are always a step ahead of you and it is impossible to say with certainty that you can guarantee a ranking. If a SEO provider says this then they are not telling you the truth. Only and I will say this again, only work with an SEO team that tells you that whilst they cannot make an absolute guarantee of first page ranking, their techniques have worked in the past ( last 3 months only), and they will give it their best shot. Remember Google is a third party, where you will have absolutely no contact with and they will never tell you whaty they are doing or how they rank a website – hence all ranking guarantees are void!
  2. The Lock In Contract: Don’t fall for this. Ever! Companies who want to lock you into their contract will basically do nothing and keep on charging you. If you try to get out of this contract they will make life very difficult for you. Remember, these guys are scammers and they know how to tie you up and scare you into staying with them. They will threaten you legally and this is not what you want. Golden rule here is to stay well way from signing any kind of contract or committing to any lengthy term.
  3. They know someone at Google and can pull strings to help your website rank better. This is a beauty and no one knows the algorithm changes expect a very few top people. Falling for this scam is easy to spot. As soon as they mention this, hang up the phone. Plus do you think someone in Google is going to jeopardise their career in one of the best companies in the world just to help a SEO company out. It’s ridiculous!
  4. They are ranking on page 1. Really?? Make sure they are not pulling your leg. Google the phrase SEO Sydney and see if in fact they are there organically, or is it a paid ad. Very sneaky tactic so often used by these scammers. Most people glancing at the page will not be able to spot the difference between a top 3 paid ad or a natural listing. Be very careful with this one.
  5. They say they will get you to page 1 in 90 days and if they don’t you will not pay anything. Come on, this one is the WORST and falling for it is absolute insanity. Of course they will rank you, BUT IT WILL BE FOR REALY EASY KEYWORDS and NOT the main ONES that you want to rank for, the ones that have the highest amount of traffic. Once you fall into this trap, sign up with them and part with your money, they will use dodgy over spammy techniques that will work for a BAD keyword, but they will never be able to rank your main ones – this I can promise you. It’s exactly like buying a second hand car. Imagine if they said you can drive it for 90 days and if you don’t like it you can return it – WITH A FULL REFUND – NO WAY!!! – what a lie – don’t fall for this kind of sales pitch.
  6. We want your business so we ARE PREPARED TO OFFER YOU A VERY GOOD DISCOUNT! The SEO world is full of people wanting any money they can get and they will be happy to take any money you are prepared to part with. Cheap discounted SEO prices combined with too good to be true, well over the top promises, is the pathway to complete online failure. These guys are laughing all the way to the bank with your money.
  7. We can do everything online – there is absolutely no point in meeting with us. We work this way all the time with our clients. What a load of lies. These scammers do not want to meet face to face because they are either NOT IN THIS COUNTRY or just a front for some fraudulent sub continent SEO scam machine. If they say they have over 500 clients who are happy to work like this, then please, please hang up the phone! SEO is complicated and needs explaining. Simple back linking doesn’t work anymore and you REALLY NEED to meet with a company that can explain the whole and proper SEO process to you.


If you are keen to start an SEO campaign and want to do this properly, why not give me a call, I would say that we are one of the oldest SEO companies in Sydney and I will show you exactly how it is done, what we do and what you can expect. I never over promise, I do not pretend to offer silver bullets or quick solutions, but what I do offer is credible and proven solutions that will give your website the VERY best chance of being successful!

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