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iPhones, androids and tablets are taking over the whole internet! This is a fact not some dream. Everywhere you look people are on their phones, searching, browsing, shopping or just having fun on their phones. These hand held devices are changing the way we look at the internet and are changing consumer buying behaviour. The uptake of smartphones in Australia has tripled since 2011; at least 59% of all Australians have one. This phenomena underlines the need for businesses Australia wide to look at their online marketing strategy, especially developing a mobile friendly version of their website.

With the increase of the mobile device usage, there are some very important things to be aware of for all businesses. Your clients are mostly using mobile devices, and this means your clients and customers would like it if your website was mobile-friendly. This simple philosophy means that if your customers are happy browsing on your site, then this translates into more dollars for you.

Mobile Website Facts:

1.Your Customers Have Gone Mobile Check this amazing statistic; by 2015, the number of people using mobile phones for web browsing will for the first time overtake desktop users. Here is another crazy statistic. Australians are spending 6 hours all up per week using mobile internet. That’s nearly 1 day per week on their mobile phone on the internet. If your website has not been fully optimised for these users, and if their experience is not the best it could be, then you may loose potential revenue.

2. These Users Are in a Hurry. Mobile device users are very time poor. Statistics show that they are unwilling to wait more than 5 seconds for a website to load. This means that your website must be fully optimised to load quickly and within a matter of seconds. If they have to wait they will simply exit and go elsewhere.

3. Mobile Phone Information Is Awesome. Your mobile customers can now access as much information as they want on the fly. Every bit of information is at their disposal . Customers can now access reviews, look at various prices, and even search for the nearest hotel, cinema, bar, taxi rank – basically anything. The question is: how are you going to differentiate your business apart from all your competition in this mobile space ? A mobile website design is your answer. A Yahoo survey taken in 2012 shows that 72% of mobile phone users are going to buy from you if your site is mobile friendly. Need I say more?

4. Your Business Can Make Lots of Money Online In 2011, there was over 35 billion  in online sales made on mobile phones and other mobile hand held devices in Australia. Think about how your business can profit from having a mobile website.

5. Attract New Business with Your Mobile Website Having a great looking mobile-friendly website gives you access to new markets and clients that you would have never had before. If you have an SEO campaign going with your web company, then your mobile site will also rank. This will bring in the customers from all over the place and if they enjoy what they see, you will have a customer for life! What a great way to broaden your customer base, increase potential revenue and help your business grow.

These points above are only a few reasons to have a mobile website. If you think that this is just a passing fad and your business can survive without this, then this is a massive mistake.

A mobile website should now be part of your sales and marketing process and be considered as a must for your business.

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