Its about the quality of those sales leads

June 7 2017

There is a school of thought out there among many business owners that all they need to do is get to page 1 of Google and that’s the end game. They can then sit back and watch those juicy sales leads roll on in. Well, that’s wrong. It used to be like that but the digital space is so competitive and so crowded that in order to succeed and generate quality sales leads you need to have a website that is focused on conversion.

Without a conversion based website you are going to be just another player without any calls to action or consumer trigger points. This will end up killing your business if you intend to use Google to drive new business leads.

So, what are conversion focused landing pages and what’s all the hype we hear today about conversion rates?

Conversion rate optimisation or CRO is the process of getting the customers that land on your web page to take some course of action. It can be making a phone call, filling out a form, participate in a live chat, leaving their details or simply downloading a document. If they do what you want them to do then you have succeeded in making a conversion. This is the best way to measure sales leads and you can use these conversion points to your advantage to generate better leads. We generally express conversions as a percentage so let’s say you have had 20 people to your site and 2 have filled out a form then your conversion rate is 10%.

The idea here is to not have the highest percentage of conversion rates but to have a certain level of quality and committed customers in these leads. You do this by creating landing pages that are geared towards what the customer is searching for. Let me break this down to make it easier for you. Suppose they were looking for a ‘wedding villas in Bali’ for their honeymoon, then you would need to create a dedicated landing page all about those gorgeous honeymoon villas in Bali. Then and only then are you going to get committed customers filling out a form or making an inquiry if they want to rent a wedding villa.

The trick here is to have these pages designed professionally by an agency that has experience in conversion rates. A lot of people will use free templates or go with a cheap and cheerful design option, but this at the end of the day will not have the cut through rate or deliver the type of sales leads that are going to push you ahead of your competition.

I have said it before many times that it’s one thing to rank a website but it’s an entire new ball game getting the visitor to engage with the site and buy from you. I’ve seen website with awesome Google rankings with incredibly high bounce rates, meaning people exit the site from the page they entered the site. Hence, low lead volumes. This is not the way to succeed online and will only end in a disaster. You must have the right formula to make any progress. The content has to be just right, the graphics need to be spot on and then you need to have a SEO and Adwords campaign going. All this needs to be monitored, fine tuned and analysed on a continual basis. Remember, this is not a set and forget process. You must keep fine tuning these landing pages for better conversion rates and more qualified sales leads. This is the state of play in the world of Google nowadays.

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