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Point of Sale Packaging Design

May 21 2012

Have you got a product that needs point of sale packaging design? Hopping Mad Designs is a graphic design studio based in Sydney that is able to come up with visually impressive point of sale packaging design solutions that will ensure your product stands out. We have a team of design experts that have years of experience in this industry that knows what it takes to give your point of sale packaging the extra design boost needed to sell. Standing out and having a point of difference is vital to the success of your product and at Hopping Mad designs we have the design know-how to give your point of sale packaging the design edge.

Why Use Hopping Mad Designs?

1) We produce point of sale designs that work for your business, drive sales, connect with retailers and capture the attention of the consumers. At the centre of our business is a team of veteran graphic designers who love to push design boundaries and challenge existing design philosophies. This means that you are getting a team of enthusiastic packaging designers working for you and always looking at ways to take your point of sale pack design to the next level.

Not content with accepting the status quo, we are always looking at a new design angles and approaches that are aimed at grabbing the consumers attention.

From briefing stage right through to delivery of final artwork files we work with you to deliver design options that are going to be miles ahead of what you were expecting.

Partnering with Hopping Mad Designs means that you will be receiving designs from a pool of talented senior designers that have a wealth of commercial packaging design expertise.


2) We understand brand integrity so for this reason, all work carried out on any point of sale material is undertaken with total respect for your brand and well within the branding guidelines. We know that you have spent time, money and enormous effort in establishing your brand and for this reason, everything we design for your point of sale material is carried out with brand consistency in mind.

3) We are able to advice on actual point of sale packaging solutions, including finishes, varnishes and stock samples. We have a great relationship with many printers which means that you can only benefit from our knowledge in this field. We can basically handle everything for you, from concept design right through to final artwork and print management.

4) We are surprisingly very affordable, understand budgets and know that you are going to want real value for your marketing dollar. As a boutique design studio we do not have big ‘ agency style ‘ overheads and for this reason we are able to offer our point of sale packaging design services at very affordable rates without ever compromising on design.

Think about it, why pay over priced ad agency fees when we can design the point of sale material at much more competitive rates. Also, because we are not an ad agency, you are going to get much better customer service with quicker turn around times and greater attention to detail.

5) We are very flexible in our design style and approach to taking on a design brief. This means we are not locked in to a particular design style and are open to design ideas and interpretations when it comes to developing new design ideas for your point of sale material.

6) We encourage as much client – design contact as possible and never keep you in the dark about a projects status.

7) Creativity is in our blood and if you have no idea about what you want for the point of sale material, don’t worry. We are experts at coming up with clever new ideas that will bring new life and that bit of zest back into your product. We are not afraid to be just that bit cheeky and design something that will be a bit more ‘ out there’ than the expected norm.

8) You will be working with a very friendly group of designers who understand how important this project is for you. We never take a care free attitude when it comes to the point of sale design but take these kind of projects extremely seriously. You never have to worry that your designs will be handled by any one other than very senior creative that have a history in this field and are eager to show you what they are capable of.