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January 11 2015

Hopping Mad Designs is a online digital marketing agency that are experts with over 18 years experience in strategies that will promote, push and market your website to thousands of new and potential customers by: search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, and finally great looking and very stylish website design.

Expand and Grow Your Business Online With Our Internet Marketing Strategy

At Hopping Mad Designs our main aim is to generate a MASSIVE amount of leads and sales inquiries through your website. Basically, we turn your website into a very powerful and efficient sales and marketing  tool.
We are able to do this by utilising 2 very powerful, proven and structured methods that we implement for all our customers in Sydney and throughout Australia that absolutely DRIVE sales and increase business revenues. Firstly, we really know what we are doing when it comes to SEO. We are able to take your website and get it ranking on Google for your main highly trafficked keywords. We are seriously one of the best Search Engine Optimisation agencies in Sydney and have been able to rank thousands of websites in very competitive niches.
Once we have your website ranking and maintaining a solid position on Google we then look at what is termed conversion rate optimisation or CRO. We do this by looking at your main web landing pages, studying past analytics, looking at consumer behaviour once they reach your website and ensure that once they find your site they are going to buy from you. We look at your conversion goals be they a phone call, an online inquiry, buying a product, subscribing to your newsletter, a free download….what ever it is that is really fundamental to the success of your business.

These points cannot be mutually exclusive. They are both dependent on each other. To break it down in simple terms; there is no point driving traffic to your website if it is not going to be conversion focused.
Website and online marketing is becoming the one of the fastest growing marketing areas and it’s importance is growing quickly. People are really starting to wake up to this and are looking at companies like Hooping Mad Designs to help them achieve these strategic goals online. SEO, Google and Web Design is now probably the cheapest and most cost effective ways at exposing your business, so if you are serious about attracting new clients and growing your business, then you really need to start thinking about engaging our services. You will be absolutely amazed by what is achievable online.
You may have an existing website that’s under performing, you may be just starting out and looking to grow rapidly, you may have a new eCommerce site and are looking to sell more products online, what ever it is and what ever you are looking to achieve online, Hopping Mad Designs’s online marketing should form the core of your marketing and be a central component of your business strategy.

Let me tell you more about some of our Website Marketing Strategies
As website marketing experts, we are specialists in generating serious and sustainable online business for companies of all sizes. If you are reading this blog and feel that your business needs a helping hand then we can help with creating, implementing and nurturing the following online marketing strategies:
Contemporary Website Design that is mobile phone friendly.
Your website is the first thing people see and we have the in house creative talent to make that first impression memorable. We have designed that many websites for all types and sizes of businesses that we know what it takes to design and build a really successful website. All our designs are fully customised, so that your finished site looks a lot better than the competition. All our graphics are designed so that the site looks absolutely fantastic on a mobile phone giving you more consumer reach.

Search Engine Optimisation
All you need to do is Google the keywords: ‘web design’ or graphic design’ or any variation of these and guess what you find? You find the Hopping Mad Designs website where ever you look online. We have that many keywords ranking on page 1 that I have lost count. So imagine what we are able to do for your business? Think about it carefully. You really want a team of SEO experts like HMD working on your internet marketing. Why? cause we are extremely good at what we do. We work with literally hundreds of clients and all their rankings are on page 1 of Google. This is such an important factor when it comes to generating revenues and sales for your business that you MUST take this component extremely seriously. Make the right move here, be smart with your SEO and give us a call anytime on 02 9360 8514.

Adwords Advertising
Adwords advertising is the process of getting your business instantly on Google. It is those ads that appear on the far right hand side and the top 3 positions. Whilst I feel that it is a short term strategy till your SEO kicks in, Adwords plays a vital role in the initial stages of your online marketing. With Adwords, you have to be extremely careful whilst setting up your campaign, and monitoring it constantly for the highest click through rates. If you are not on top of this and do not fully understand how it works, you can end up loosing a lot of money. This is why it’s best to leave it to the Adwords experts, We can manage the whole process for you so you are getting the best value for money and highest return on your investment.

Some Really Useful Website Marketing Advice
Great ways to market your website

Look for similar sites, perhaps organisations or associations and see if you can place your website on there with a link pointing back to your site. An important point to note here is vary the anchor text if you are placing your site on many sites as you do not want to appear too repetitive or spammy – Google will pick this up and there could be issues – if this point is unclear perhaps give me a call so I can clarify this for you.
Put your websites address on all your marketing material – business cards, letterheads, email signatures, vehicle signage, newspaper ads, letter box drops, in fact anything that you hand out MUST have your URL on there.
This is a great marketing tool and one that not many people try BUT why just settle for 1 website for your business? The internet is limitless and you should be taking advantage of all it can offer you. Why not buy a few domain names that cover certain services or products your are selling and create micro websites. They only need to be a couple of pages and it’s a great way to really focus on promoting 1 area of your business. Think plumbers who might create a separate microsite with the URL having the words ‘ hot water systems’ in it and a site created strictly for the purpose of promoting your hot water system service – A GREAT IDEA!

So why partner with Hopping Mad Designs as your preferred online marketing agency?
This is a no brainer and I hope that the points I have outlined above will show you that we are really one of the top web and SEO agencies in Sydney. We have been doing this since 1998 so we really have the history and credibility to back up what we are saying. On top of this you can forget about paying hefty agency fees if that’s what you have been doing in the past. When you partner with Hopping MAd Designs what you do get is great value for money and I seriously mean this. Try us out just once and  I can make a bet that you will wonder what you have been paying for in the past.