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February 5 2013

Charities, as well as NGOs (Non Government Organisations) play a huge role in Australian society. At Hopping Mad Designs, we are more than happy to work with all NGO’s and charities for all their web and graphic design needs. Since 1998 we have been proudly providing website design services to Charities, NGOs, Associations and not-for-profit organisations in Sydney and throughout Australia.


We can help you create the most stunning looking website for your charity or NFP. And yes, did we mention that we are super friendly with our costs.

Why Use Hopping Mad Designs for your next website or marking project?

Updated by Steven Waldberg: 15 June 2020

1. WordPress CMS websites

Our WordPress CMS platform is all open source. These are very simple to use and allow you to make as many changes as you like, whenever you like. Plus we will train you on how to use this amazing CMS.

2. We never ever lock you into long term CMS contracts

Other companies will often have their own CMS systems and will hit you for CMS fees on top of your hosting. This all adds up over time.

We understand that you are trying to do something good for the community and for this reason we try to work with you to offer the best and most economical web design package possible.

3. Budget-Friendly Web Design for Associations & Charities

Just because you might have a recognisable name does not mean that you have the budget to match.

We are respectful and highly mindful of this and will always be very budget focused when quoting for any web design project we work on.

4. Great Programmers for your NGO Website

We have a  great team of programmers on board at Hopping Mad Designs.

As an NGO or charity, you want this kind of coders on your web development team as they can implement systems and processes that can drive online donations.

We are able to easily implement an online system where donations can be made simply and efficiently. Of course, we are also experts at funnelling online users down this buying process path, so when they are in the right frame of mind to make a donation to your NGO or charity, this journey will have been as easy as possible.

We can implement a PayPal or Eway payment gateway for you, just let us know and we can work out the best solution for you and your clients.

5. Our Websites are Designed to Increase Donations and Membership Levels.

All charities and non-government organisations rely on donations to survive. To get these, you need to generate traffic through to your website. Without users finding your site you cannot possibly hope to get them to donate. So at Hopping Mad Designs we design and build every site with what’s called SEO (search engine optimisation) very much in mind.

From the very first page right through to the contact page all development and design will be aimed at ensuring the site is super SEO friendly.

Everything that we do from content writing through to image tagging, title creations will ensure that your site has the best possible chance of ranking.

If for example, you want your website to rank for pet charities we can do it for you. Also, if you want to rank for keywords like humanitarian aid we can do this as well.

All you need is to give us your keywords and let us handle the rest.

We have a dedicated SEO team that can drive enormous amounts of traffic through to your website.

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6. Social Media Marketing for your Association or Charity

We can advise you on which social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube you should be active on to promote your organisation.

We help you get your head around each and every new marketing channel and are happy to advise on the best course of action to pursue. Quite often, NGO’s and charities will go down the wrong marketing path wasting valuable time and resources.

Partnering with Hopping Mad means that your organisation or charity will be getting the best possible digital marketing advice, ensuring that you reach your target audience with speed and efficiency.

Why not upload a video to Youtube, blog about your latest event or charity drive, get followers on Facebook and engage with them, or create a set of circles on Google +.

It’s all doable and we are here to help you facilitate this and get as much out of what is currently available online to get your charity or NGO noticed.

7. Mobile Friedly, Responsive Websites for your Association

Are you an NGO or charity wanting to get your share of the mobile phone market then we can help you design a mobile-friendly website that will work on iPhones, ipads and tablets. This is termed responsive web design and we are here to help you design a site for this actively mobile, younger market.

8. Web Content and Copywriting

Writing copy for any website can be challenging. If you are an NGO or charity and want to convey your message to a time-poor online audience, then you may need a copywriting expert that can either look at your current copy and offer construction suggestions or write content for the whole website from scratch.

At Hopping Mad Designs we have an in house copy expert that specialises in writing catchy, unique web content that is sure to attract donations and get more members. We make sure each main landing page of your site converts browsers into active members.

We are Sydney based but can work Australia wide!

Call 02 9360 8514 and see how we can give your NGO, association or charity that creative edge it needs to stand out & succeed online. Even better why not have a look at our portfolio of work to get a better idea of what we can do.