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Check out our 4-point strategic and well thought out step by step process to effective and extremely powerful marketing for your business:

June 3 2012

Check out our 4-point strategic and well thought out step by step process to effective and extremely powerful marketing for your business:

1. Design and come up with a marketing plan and go with it. This is carried out over a series of meetings with you and it is formalised over these meetings. We literally become an extension of your business; a marketing arm, that you can call on anytime for marketing advice or marketing strategies you may need help on; whether print, online, content marketing or in the social media space. We work this way with many businesses around Australia and find that developing this close working relationship is extremely beneficial for your business. If you have an idea, or product/service that needs marketing, all you need to do is give us a call and we can take care of the rest. We are experts at coming up with very insightful and original ideas that push design boundaries that are targeted towards your market.

2. Once we start working with you, we look at conceiving powerful unique selling propositions for your product or service that is based on extensive market analysis and research as well as competitor insight. This way we have a complete overview of your business and are therefore able to market your business in a different light, utilising different tactics, giving you that competitive marketing slant over your competitors.

3. We will then implement this marketing strategy by designing, developing and producing a range of marketing collateral that elevates your business to a new level and generate real return on investment. Whether this is though brochure design, brand development, website design, social media marketing/optimisation, search engine optimisation or even a range of corporate communication material, you can be assured that a seasoned marketing company based in Sydney is partnering along side you, looking out for your best interests at all times.

4. We educate you about all the new online possibilities emerging and offer strategic marketing advice on ways best to implement these into your marketing mix. The online world is evolving daily and we have a team of in house internet junkies that know the latest digital trends who are never shy to tell you about them. Of course we try to communicate this on a level that is easy to digest and understand. Our design, tech and marketing team, know that sometimes embracing new technologies might be hard to take on board, so for this reason we are very articulate in our approach to this, ensuring that you fully understand and comprehend how each new technology can help your business grow.
What type of Marketing Company do you think you need?
Are you a well established company?

Have you got some marketing strategies in place that are simply not working. You have been using the same techniques to get business through the front door, but these are now tired, old and stale. Or perhaps you have been using a marketing company that has simply exhausted all its ideas with you and you are looking for a fresh, new marketing approach. This is where Hopping Mad Designs excels, we can look at your current marketing collateral and strategy and give it a complete overhaul.

We do this by researching your markets, clients and competition. We analyse and distinguish your businesses strengths and weaknesses. A creative and modern, contemporary action or corporate positioning is established and then developed further. From this point we are able to develop and formulate new company marketing and sales collateral as well as marketing campaigns for your business. We are then able to test it in the market place, assess its effectiveness and implement any changes that are needed to fully utilise its full potential.


Is your business just starting out, but performing very well?
If your business has just started and you feel that you are an ambitious entrepreneurial type who really wants to take the business to the next level, then Hopping Mad Designs is the right kind of marketing company for you.
We understand that you are a new business and that sometimes budgets are a bit tight so for this reason we are very open minded about what we can do to stretch you marketing dollar further via creative and intelligent marketing solutions that deliver on your investment. We have a team of very talented graphic and web designers that have years of design experience and are able to work marketing miracles on tight budgets and deadlines. We are used to working with business start ups and are able to develop concrete marketing solutions and strategies that work wonders for getting your name or product out there to market.
Do you need some quick marketing ideas or want a brain storming session?

At Hopping Mad Designs we like nothing better to help business and companies out with some new innovative ideas. If you are feeling stuck and need to sit down and go throw around a few ideas just to get a different perspective on things then we are more than willing to accommodate this. This is especially true for small business owners or sole traders that need a sounding board for new ideas or marketing plans that they may wish to implement. I have found that just after a few hours of consultation, clients have left our office with a whole set of new ideas and plans of action. It’s actually amazing to watch their faces as I explain to them what they can do online and all the endless possibilities now available to them through the many social media platforms. Most of the time they have never heard of SEO or blogging or what the extra online reach they are able to achieve through content marketing via their blog.


Marketing Ideas For Your Company.

1) Start a blog. This is a great way to publish content and get your business message out there instantly to a whole new online, digitally minded audience. You can blog on a whole range of interesting topics that are not necessarily related to your line of work. The point here is to generate online interest in what you have to say and drive people to the source of the blog: your website. This is a phenomenally powerful marketing tip and is now used by businesses and companies as a standard part of their marketing presence. All blog articles written will be indexed by Google and once published, if it is a good read will hopefully be passed around and generate some interest around what you have to say.
2) Does your company have a newsletter? Another very good marketing tip is to start a newsletter and email this through to your clients on a monthly basis. Keep then updated with news about new products, specials, industry gossip or interesting developments, People love a good read whilst they are at work and if you are able to provide this then you will gain a loyal following. I have seen people actually look forward to receiving a daily newsletter. It’s amazing the power that this has and how effective this can be. If you get stuck for ideas, a good way to get out of the rut is to employ a copywriter. At Hopping Mad Designs we have a team of in house copy experts that are able to help you with this. Combined, with exceptionally good looking design you can be assured that you are going to have the best enewsletter in the industry.
3) Start a SEO or search engine optimisation campaign for your website. Having your website on page 1 of Google for many keywords or phrases that relate to your product or service is a guaranteed way to get people to your site. A word of warning here; be very careful about your choice of SEO partners as the barriers of entry to this particular side of the industry is extremely low and is fraught with unscrupulous vendors.
4) Put some online ads on Google with an adwords campaign. Beta test the market and see what ads work and what ads don’t. Adwords are immediate, but be very careful about the amount of money you are prepared to spend and watch out for those very helpful ‘ negative keyword’ tools. If you are unclear about this please give us a call anytime at hopping mad so we can help you through this often confusing process. There are a few important rules to follow when implementing a SEM marketing campaign and like all marketing companies we have made those mistakes and you can only benefit from what we have learn’t.
5) Get on the social media bandwagon. Marketers all over the work are now coming to terms with the potential marketing powers of platforms like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. These marketing social media sites have a massive reach and it’s a good idea to try to get as many followers as possible and market to these consumers.
6) Get a copywriter to have a look at all your marketing and sales material to bring it up to date with a fresher, new marketing slant. Throw those old, unused brochures, flyers, reports and newsletters in the bin and start again. If your print material is more than two years old then it belongs in the trash. This goes also for your online marketing material as well. Stale, obsolete communications will only work against you, when your competition comes up with more slick, professional looking artwork.
7) If your website is your shopfront or you main marketing weapon, give it to a professional marketing company Sydney or a website design firm to give your site a complete overhaul. Website designs are evolving rapidly and if your site does not look as good as it could be then you will loose business to other site online that look better.
8) Speak to your marketing agency about converting your site to a mobile website that can be viewed on iphones and androids. There is a massive mobile new market out there that virtually live on their phones. If your business can tap into this potential, then you will be the one reaping those exceptional rewards.

If you are keen to learn more about some very cool marketing strategies and marketing ideas to boost your business then please get in contact with one of our marketing experts here at Hopping Mad Designs on 02 9360 8514


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