Is Your Website Thin On Content?

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Many people that come to Hopping Mad Designs looking for a website design also want to rank their website on Google. They often say that they like the ‘minimal’ look and do not want pages of unnecessary content. This gives the website a very thin feel and really highlights only some of their minor service or product offerings. A very dangerous move in the online world.

This may be great for businesses like architects or builders who want their website to be ‘brochure like’ and showcase their portfolio of work.


It’s OK for these types of businesses to have thin looking websites, but for the rest of us who rely heavily on search engine for new business this is not going to work.


Most businesses we come across need to be found on Google and for this one reason alone, they need to have a website that is thick NOT thin on content. Thinly worded website will not rank well and over time shold start sliding in the rankings.


So, how can website content be added? The answer is pretty simple. Just add pages. The more pages you add, the deeper your website becomes and the more authoritative it becomes and in turn rankings begin to climb. To paraphrase; bigger is better.


It might be hard to think about adding pages, but there are 2 areas that you can look at to start this process. One is by adding a blog to your website and the second is to have 1 individual page for each service or product you have. So for example like us because we are a web design and graphic design studio, we also offer a logo design service. By creating a separate page for our logo design offering we are adding a layer of content to our website and adding to its authority.


It is not as easy as it looks. Creating content and writing articles is quite time consuming and remember that this type of content must be logical, well written and sell to your customer base. Thinly disguised content is just as bad if not worse than no content at all. The search engines are so refined that they are able to pick up poor content versus great engaging copy.


So if you are going to go down this path and start beefing up your website with copy I suggest that you make a put in a good effort. Try to add to your blog at least once a month an d look at increasing other pages in your website. If this seems all too hard there are companies out there willing to shoulder this burden for you but you will obviously have to pay for this. There are heaps of content marketing companies out there, so the options are available to you are not limited.


Like me, if you are into search engine optimisation and are always looking at ways to increase your online visibility, then this type of approach is going to work really well for you. If you are in the satisfied with having a site full of pretty pictures, I still recommend having a blog as this will keep your site current and you can easily add recent work or project you have done.

I always tell my clients to think of a website like a coral reef. It’s always growing, however slowly in different directions BUT always outwards and upwards.

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