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Government + Local Council Web Design

August 7 2012

Designing websites for Government and Local Councils takes a special kind of website design studio. At Hopping Mad Designs we feel that we are able to design and develop websites for the Government sector because are we on various Government Graphic Design and Web Design Panels, but we also have the web design expertise to comply with all the very strict Government online regulations. As one of Sydney’s oldest web design studios, we have worked with many Government Department’s at all levels; Federal, State and Local to design and deliver: brochures, flyers, Annual Reports, infographics, direct marketing pieces and of course websites.

Throughout Australia there are hundred’s of Government departments and organisations that require an online presence, each entity requiring it’s own look and feel. There are however, some mandatory requirements that all these web sites must have and must be reflected within the site. Some departments require more government conformity whilst others just need the bare minimum such as the Australian Government logo.

If you look at sites on a Federal & State level you will see a greater level of similarity, but once you move away from these sites to more specialised Local Council and various Government organisations you will see that there is a departure from the traditional template, information heavy style sites to more free flowing custom designed sites. It is the responsibility of each individual department to clearly articulate the design direction they wish to move in and it is the challenge that the design company faces to meet this specific design brief. Government websites generate an enormous amount of traffic and there can be thousands of visitors daily to these sites. Given these statistics, and site popularity, it is only right that the role web development be handled by a web studio that has a strong, credible history backed by previous Government work. Given the fact that there are so many web companies operating in Sydney it is up to each Government Department to make the right choice and decision when choosing the best web designers to work with.

Following a few points that all marketing and communication teams within the Government Departments should be aware of prior to engaging any web design studio.

1) Does the design company have a strong and multi faceted portfolio of work? Don’t just look at their web design portfolio, look at all their website design + graphic design work to see that they are skilled enough to be able to deliver on the specific Government design brief.

2) For the average person it is very difficult to see what’s going on behind the scenes of the government or local council web site. By this I mean the programming. How the site is put together ( the site map) or constructed. The best web designers will use many coding practices and techniques that will:
– enable the site to be viewed on multiple browsers; Firefox, Internet Explorer and Monzilla etc etc.
 -fast and efficient download times; there is nothing worse than waiting ages for a site to download.
– able to be seen across platforms such as iphones, ipads and Androids
– intuitive navigation, with a well planned site map that takes the user from page to page though out the site with a minimum of effort and complications.
– navigation that is clear and easy to use.
– large call to action buttons on items and information points that are important.

3) Is the design studio currently on any Government Web design panels?  In this instance its a good idea to see if the potential web suppliers have held or are currently on any Government design panels. If they are, then they are probably a safe bet and a good company to go with, If you are a Government employee tasked with getting the website designed then obtaining this information should be your first step. Its simple to get this kind of information as all you have to do is ask the question and get them to supply the documentation confirming their Panel appointment.

4) Has all your contact with the designers so far been via emails. If so, it would be a good idea to press them for a face to face meeting to discuss the design project in detail.

5) Does the design studio have the expertise/knowledge to be able to work not only within an existing Government style guide but are they also able to implement these characteristics? Any studio can put together a home page interface but are they able to utilise existing design elements, incorporating these and creating a stylish and unique online solution. Not many studios are able to do this, and you should only pick those companies that have a solid web design back ground. You should be able to identify these types of studios by studying their work online.


1) We have been in business now for well over 18 years and have the design and web skills necessary to deliver to you a site that not only works well but is user and SEO friendly. Our in house design team are seasoned professionals, taking each  government web project extremely seriously. Design is our core strength and when working with Hopping Mad you will be teaming up with a agency that can take your website to a new level.

2) Approachable and super friendly, we make each and every client immediately at ease and turn what can often be seen as an arduous task into a design journey that will be a lot easier than you thought. Plus we are already on a Federal Government Graphic Design panel which means that we have already jumped through the necessary hoops and hurdles to gain this accreditation. Working with Hopping Mad means that you can cut your due diligence home work in half and go with a company that has been designing and building websites for companies and businesses Australia wide for the past decade.

3) Conveniently located In Sydney we are more than happy for you to come in and chat with us about any web design project you may have. You get to speak directly with the actual web designer.

4) We hold all the necessary insurances required by Government Departments such as; public liability, product liability, professional indemnity, workers’ compensation and are prepared to obtain further insurances if required by a specific department. We are more than happy to provide you with a comprehensive list of insurances with the documentation.

5) As an established web design studio you can rest easy that we will be around for the entire job. We are not a ‘fly by night’ organisation. As an established Sydney based design studio that has been working with many blue chip clients, Government departments plus many other types of companies and businesses for many years. So if you are worried about us not being here at the end of the project, you can put that aside. We are financially very secure and have the staff, resources and capacity to handle and take on any local council or government web project.

6) A proven and very efficient platform for web site development and deployment, Hopping Mad Design’s content management system solutions are simple and highly easy-to-use tools that facilitate and allow non internet savvy users to effectively manage, add or delete, share, and store website information and content. Our Government-focused solutions are designed for security, simplicity, and amalgamation with current and existing online systems. 

7) Government and council web portals are probably one of the most heavily patronised online destinations. Most of the sites are fundamental information points for companies, NFP’s, public, NGO’s, and foreigners A big question that Government marketing teams face is to make sure that the website outlay is actually worth the expense. To accomplish the intention of better website return on investment we partner alongside Government Departments to ensure that:

– Appropriate information site wide especially on the home page is easily located and highly visible.

 – Web page architecture is not overly complicated. This will give the user a better experience ensuring site return

– Implementation of Google Analytics ensuring that the webmaster has full access to site wide statistics.