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Facebook Page Designers In Sydney

August 4 2012

Hopping Mad Designs can design your Facebook page so that it stands out amongst all the millions of other pages in the social media world. Our team of expert graphic designers can take your bland, template like Facebook page and add the spark that is needed to really give it the lift it needs to sell your product or service.


1) The social media buzz is here to stay and it is only going to get bigger. Companies and businesses world wide are suddenly realising and understanding the immense power of social media and are embracing it en masse. Step back 1 year ago and Facebook was just a platform used by teenagers and young adults for socialising. It was never even remotely considered by businesses as a marketing tool. Even the thought of using Facebook was met with shoulder shrugs and an attitude of ‘ its all too hard’ and ‘ all too difficult’. How times have changed and in such a short period of time. Businesses now are scrambling frantically to get on board and start using social media platforms such as Facebook as part of their marketing by reaching out to a whole new audience. This audience is far more internet savvy, cashed up, ready and eager to interact with companies that appeal to them through Facebook.

2) Getting found on the search engines is a great way to get new business but getting to page 1 of Google can often be a difficult and expensive exercise. Plus, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get to where you want to be. This is where Facebook is so easy and effective. Once you have designed your main page you can be marketing to your consumer base immediately. Unlike Google, there is no waiting period, this is fast, immediate and you are able to measure your return on investment.

3) Its not as hard as you think to get people to ‘like’ your Facebook page. Just give them or offer them something for their trouble and time. Once you have built up a followers, there will be a snowball effect. The better your offering, the more people will ‘like’ your Facebook page, so on and so forth. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is a marketers dream, opening up a whole new untapped area that was never thought of before.

4) Creating give aways and offering freebies to people to get them to ‘like’ your Facebook page is a great way to get you to start thinking about your marketing strategies and your business in a new light. It really takes your mind set out from the traditional marketing and advertising platforms and gets you to start thinking differently. It stimulates your marketing juices, giving you new ideas and ways to generate income and new ways to get clients on board. The best thing about Facebook is that it is so immediate. As soon as you post something to your page it will be seem by everyone that follows you. Just imagine whats possible; you have a new product line or service offering that you need to promote. One simple, small posting on your Facebook page can and will let your followers know about this. A well designed button or with eye catching graphics will work wonders for getting peoples attention and getting them to follow you.

5) Being on Facebook and having a ‘cool’ or ‘stylish’ page will get more people on your page. People like to be members/associated with Facebook pages that are perceived as in vogue. Once you get a few followers on board the effect can be viral. Once this happens the results for your business can be phenomenal. The growth spurt can be slow at first but grows exponentially once your page goes viral. Having this happen can turn a small business idea into something quite large fairly quickly. A new product can gain instant recognition and success by having just a few followers. Once perceived as fashionable or a ‘must have’ item then the page visits will just explode in popularity. Obviously, this kind of take up will not happen for every business but it gives you an idea of what just having even a few followers can achieve.

5) Probably one of the most important reasons why you need a Facebook page is if you don’t do it then your competition will. Your business must be recognised as an innovative, market leading firm and having a cutting edge Facebook page will help promote and back this up. If you are the type of company that likes to ‘ punch above its weight’ then getting a graphic design company to professionally design your Facebook page will help keep up the facade.

6) Compete against the major players in your industry is now easier than ever with the design of 1 page. Go head to head with their competitions, give aways and capture some of their market. Social media platforms like this make the process so simple that not doing it is actually as big mistake for your business. If you ignore this and bury your head in the sand all that will happen is your main competitors will grab their share of the new market and take potential, future revenue away for you.

7) If you do not want to have a Facebook page but still want a presence on it then an ideal solution is to have an advert on the side panel. Similar to Google’s pay per click ad this is a bit more target specific and is an awesome way to promote your business. All it is, is a simple text ad with your company logo. Basically, you can have your banner ad running within a couple of minutes.

8) Facebook would have to be the most popular social media platform. Sure there are others such as Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn but the massive uptake and popularity of a this platform makes it an ideal place to kick off your social media marketing. Most importantly, do your research and see where your customers hang out. If they are on another platform then don’ waste your time on Facebook, but you will more than likely find that this is the preferred hang. Everyone is here, from students through to pensioners, this is the place to be online in the social media environment.

9) If you find that 1 campaign is not working, switch it off, delete it and start another one. This is the beauty of the online world, especially Facebook. Most things are trial and error. If it works then its great and if it doesn’t then simple try again with another approach. Once you become proficient in using it you will be creating campaigns regularly to try and drum up business.

10) Get the advice of a design studio that knows how to use this application. Its best starting off to learn from the experts who can show you the ropes and ways of targeting consumer groups effectively. Once mastered you can do it all your self. One important rule however is to make certain that the page is designed in such a way that it looks professional. Never ever cut corners at this stage. Spend that bit extra and get it designed by a studio that has done this kind of thing before.


If you are keen to join the socail media frenzy and get your product or servcie to market, then please call us on 02 9360 8514 or email steven@hoppingmad.com.au

You will be absolutely amazed about what options are available and what can happen to your business if a well thought out Facebook strategy is put in place.