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Many customers come to us after growing frustrated with their ‘on-trend’ design firms. While their websites are cool, their offices funky and their hairstyles…—well you get my point, they’re hip—these designers don’t understand your business. The result: you end up paying for an image that isn’t yours, having been wooed by theirs.

March 18 2013

And although they’ve got the language down pat and know what’s fashionable, often these ‘hip’ designers fail to make the connection between designs that work for your industry and designs that fit their image. Ironically, you often end up with a website that looks a lot like the others they have designed and nothing like what you’re after.

In the end, once you’ve peeled back the layers of their non-conformist image, you’re often left with with something rather cookie-cutter.

At Hopping Mad Designs we try hard to avoid the stereotypes that have marred our industry. Our offices have sensible—even comfortable—furniture, we don’t post pictures of our staff drinking the latest imported beer, nor do we invest heavily in our office image—why? Because the only image we are concerned with is yours.

For over 16 years we have developed quality, performance-focussed websites for our clients. We have also helped our clients succeed with new technologies, brand and image development. It takes years in the industry to understand brand, advertising and marketing—not the short-term fads, or fictions; and while we might be older than most—or possibly we just act our age—we believe this experience is an asset and one we’re proud of.

Perhaps we’ve grown cynical over the years watching these ‘young firms’ come and go, or maybe we want businesses to feel confident in the quality, artistry and skill of our profession. When you’re ready to engage a design partner, whose energy (and expenses) goes into quality design rather than designer wallpaper—call us.

Until then, we suggest you say ‘yes’ to every soy macchiato you’re offered (after all, you will want to justify the bill somehow).

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