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Hopping Mad Designs knows that being environmentally friendly is becoming more crucial in today’s environmentally conscious world. This is why we are constantly implementing ‘green’ initiatives in the work place throughout all our business workings and processes to reduce our waste and conserve our resources.

As environmentally friendly web design and graphic designers we are always looking at ways to help our planet and feel that it is our duty as part of the business community to take positive steps in eliminating unnecessary waste.

As a web development company, Hopping Mad has implemented some practices recently that we feel it is important to share:
Reduce the amount of paper consumption in the office. We are trying to have a paperless office and each time we make an order of paper, we are audit supplies and only replace to the bare minimum needed.

– Everything that comes through our office is recycled. Not 1 x A4 piece of paper is thrown out unless it is completely damaged. Paer samples we receive from print supplies are always reused and artwork we present to clients gets a second and third chance at life. Paper used to be a huge issue for us and the waste was tremendous. But, the steps we have put in place has really elimintaed most of our office needs for paper.
– All ink cartridges are bought using environmentally friendly ink. We also make sure that any print work we do on behalf of our clients is through vegetable dyes. We even promote the use of enviromentally friendly ink to our cliets when ever their is a print job.
– Lights, power and energy consumption is monitored because our team are expected to reduce needless energy consumption and waste.All computers and screens hit the shutdown or sleep mode overnight and power supplies are cut off when the last person leaves the design studio.

These are only very tiny steps in the whole environmentally friendly process, but we have the attitude that if we can do you, then all other businesses should be able to do their share.

Hopping Mad hopes that other companies not necessarily in the web industry, will also take a ‘green‘ stance on their corporate waste and take positive steps in reducing their waste. ?

This is not something that we take lightly and I know for a fact that all our staff members are acutely aware of the amount of resources they use daily to perform their job.

We are not necessarily tree huggers, or radical environmentalist, but if we can do our small part in reducing our energy consumption, then that’s a great thing.

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