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With over 16 years of corporate communications graphic and website design experience, Hopping Mad Designs is the perfect agency for all your corporate marketing and sales collateral. We are a boutique design agency with 10 staff but can handle any size project from any corporate client. Simply call us on 02 9360 8514 and we would be more than happy to come to your office to go over any design or marketing projects you may have coming up. Plus we also are experts in all facets of online marketing including; search engine optimisation, social media & content marketing,

March 20 2012

Hopping Mad Designs has been the preferred graphic and web designers for the corporate sector in Sydney since 1998. We can help your company design and produce:


Annual Report Design for the Corporate Market

Typically a lengthy document filled with key figures regarding the year’s financial performance, Annual Reports also offer a great opportunity to really tell the story of the past year. We would suggest thinking about your Annual Report as a promotional document that can collate the many communication pieces produced throughout the year into a single and impressive annual.

To fulfil this aim, we would suggest that you consider including sections on the following: 

  • Your People

Staff play such a crucial role. Highlighting their individual achievements, honouring significant retirements and creating profile for significant hires, are all simple ways that you can better convey the value of your business. Your brand is built largely on your people, and they should form an important part of reporting to key stakeholders. You can use this opportunity to really show them off, which reinforces staff morale as well as confirms with your stakeholders that you are focussed on supporting the right people long-term.

  • Your Community Ties

How you engage with the community, charity events and volunteering, should all be featured in your Annual Report. This adds to your company by illustrating actual values, rather than merely including them as a statement. It also gives your stakeholders a positive sense of the people that are representing their investment.

  • Your Strategic Direction

Are you undertaking a long-term project? Have you embraced a new operational system, invested in new equipment or have shifted your product focus? Stakeholders are always impressed to see the small steps being taken towards larger areas of change and growth. An Annual Report typically contains a great deal of figures, including the budgeting or spending on these projects. It makes sense therefore to use your Annual Report as a means of confirming the real value of this spending, and to show the progress that is being made as a direct result. 

  • Media, Advertising & PR

Have you received some quality coverage throughout the year? Did you run an impressive campaign? Why not consider using your Annual Report as a means to share these with your stakeholders—many of who may be in other regions? Understanding how the marketplace is receiving your brand is a great way of demonstrating a year’s focus on building a positive reputation with the general public. As a corporate communications agency in Sydney, Hopping Mad Designs is able to facilitate all PR and media requirements that your company or business may need. We have corporate communications specialists in house in our Sydney studio that are able to help your business achieve new heights through well thought out communications startegies and ideas.

  • Graphic Design & Images

Annual Reports can be brought to life through creative graphic design and the clever use of images. Whether you wish to embrace a theme, such as redevelopment, change or expansion, or whether you are seeking to reinforce your identity or market position, Annual Reports offer a fantastic opportunity to really showcase your company and the year’s achievements.

To truly maximise the potential of your Annual Report, we strongly suggest that you begin planning early. It can take several weeks to finalise the text and design, and allow for printing, which means the process itself can result in several months of planning and producing. By allowing a four-month period for production and by giving an employee the task of creating and maintaining an Annual Report content library, it can be less confronting when the time comes to plan the year’s report.

Be sure to collect stories, photos, staff Newsletters and awards in preparation for Annual Report production. By being organised and planning ahead, you will have a breadth of quality material easily available and ready to go when the time comes. The result will be an Annual Report that keeps investors happy and truly impresses your key stakeholders. Keep copies in your foyer to really show off your company, and give guests a lasting sense of who you are.

Company Brochure Design

We live in a world that is increasingly digitised, but the truth is executives rarely judge a company on their website alone. By producing quality company Brochures that highlight your products, service and staff, you’re creating a very tangible document that can be left with prospective customers, clients or investors, creating real value for your business.

Company Brochures can be as creative or as stylish as you need. You can even create versions in a variety of languages or styles, depending on your target market and needs. They are a chance to tell your story, to highlight your successes and to create a clear vision for the future. From an investment perspective, they are impressive and mark your organisation as beingboth professional and proud.

Why create a Company Brochure?

There are many occasions when a Brochure can be a great investment. If any of the following apply to your company, why not call us to discuss the potential a Brochure may add to your branding strategy:

  • Launching a new product
  • Expanding or changing markets
  • Achieved a milestone (years, sales, growth)
  • Celebrating an achievement
  • Launching a new brand
  • Seeking prospective investors
  • Marking new growth
  • Seeking to build branding collateral.

From the very serious, to the seriously impressive, Company Brochures can be as creative, as eye-catching, as detailed or as personality-filled as you need. When printed, they can exude a sense of quality and act as an extension of your brand persona. For ease of distribution, you can also have your Brochure printed as a PDF, which will enable you to send it across the globe within seconds.

Product or Service Brochures as part of a corporate communications strategy

What your company offers as a service or provides as a product can be highlighted and promoted effectively through the use of product or service specific Brochures. Whether you are looking to communicate technical specifications, brand superiority, product quality or service elements, a product or service Brochure offers this opportunity and more.

You can use product or service Brochures to reinforce your brand position, express company values or offer testimonials as to customer experience. Product or service Brochures can also support your sales and marketing initiatives, acting as a quality ‘leave-behind’ to further engage interest and impress. To find out all the possibilities, including style and format options, please call us for a chat.

Company Newsletters are also part of a Corporate Communications Platform

How well do you communicate your company achievements with staff, customers and industry stakeholders? If the answer is ‘not very well’, then the real answer may be to create a quality company Newsletter.

Newsletters come in a range of formats, from the more traditional printed varieties to e-Newsletters or PDF-style online versions. To help you decide on what Newsletter would be most appropriate to your company, the key questions are: cost, target audience, purpose, content and environmental concerns.

  • Cost

Arguably the most cost-effective form of Newsletter is the e-Newsletter. Once you have invested in the initial design, a staff member or copywriter can populate the e-Newsletter monthly, and the distribution costs are relatively low. These benefits are particularly persuasive if cost is your key concern; however, it is worth looking at the more traditional printed Newsletters or the printable PDF versions if your objectives include a tangible product.

PDF Newsletters can be designed to embody a very professional or creative feel. Following an initial design cost, you may need to consider typesetting and images as ongoing costs; however, these are typically well outweighed by the positive brand building that these Newsletters achieve. If you want the design quality of a printed Newsletter, but the cost efficiency of digital distribution, then PDF Newsletters are hard to ignore.

  • Target Audience


What you want to say and who you want to say it to, is also an important factor in the Newsletter equation. If you have a very 

large number to distribute your Newsletter too, e-Newsletters can be a quick way to achieve reach. However, audience 

engagement is likely to be greater with a PDF style or printed Newsletter. With a PDF, your audience can print if that suits them, which tends to favour a target audience that largely consists of the 40 plus age demographic.

If your audience is not particularly digitally skewed, or primarily consists of readers over 50, then more traditional formats, such as a printed Newsletter, will be far more suitable.

  • Purpose

Why do you need a Newsletter? If the purpose is to create a bank of news stories that can form part of your online content, then an e-Newsletter that is linked to your website could be ideal. The added bonus here is that any content that is uploaded forms new content, which can fulfil the dual purpose of adding to your SEO results.

If your stories are likely to be longer in length (typically over 500 words), if there are more than four to six stories per issue, which include in-depth features and profiles, then a PDF may be a more appropriate way of featuring the information in an attractive and reader-friendly form. One of the features of a PDF Newsletter is that it reads well on most e-reader devices (such as tablets) and can be printed as needed and featured in waiting areas.

  • Content

Similar to purpose, the amount of content and the likely frequency of content will also play a role in your choice of Newsletter. Weekly updates favour e-Newsletters, where monthly or quarterly pieces are most suited to PDF, while half-yearly or yearly Newsletters better suit a traditional printed form. Depending on whether you have a lot of news to share, or whether it’s a case of quality over quantity, a Newsletter can still form a key part of your communications strategy.

  • Environmental Concerns

Companies who are adopting a paper-free approach will be happy to know that there is a range of creative and eye-catching digital designs within which to contain your company news. We can also advise on colour choice, to help lessen the ink outlay or reduce energy wastage on-screen.

Whatever your goals, Newsletters remain a great way of engaging with your key stakeholders. Depending on how large your target audience might be, or whether you have multiple audiences that may each require an alternatively styled Newsletter, quality customer communications can be achieved simply and effectively with the right graphic design support.

Social Media and Corporate Communications

Once you have decided which Corporate Communications should form part of your company’s collateral, it is important to maximise their impact—as well as the benefits of having an active Social Media presence—by publishing appropriate pieces through your online pages.

Articles should be uploaded onto your website and promoted through social media outlets such as your Twitter account, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile. PR and Media coverage can also be promoted this way, which has the added bonus of linking back to the original publication—giving both the media and your website a mutual reference.

Social Media can be a great platform to gain added value from your Corporate Communications. To ensure you do it well, we’d recommend you first talk to one of our Social Media team.


More About Corporate Communications Agencies in Sydney

For companies that are new, in a phase of growth or who are actively seeking to improve engagement with their customers, investors, business partners, market or industry, Corporate Communications are key. Unlike broader marketing initiatives, Corporate Communications are really about communicating your business—its operations, projects, staff and future—to those who should be informed.

Having a quality set of Corporate Communications Sydney offers an immediate sense of the professionalism and excellence your business maintains. Having a sense of pride in your work and a willingness to share your achievements and projects with those who matter is a critical element in building and preserving a valued brand.


At Hopping Mad Designs, we can help companies form and execute effective corporate communication strategies to achieve impressive results. Don’t miss this critical opportunity to truly capture your brand and share it with those who need impressing. Call our Sydney office today for an appointment on 02 9360 8514.


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