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Corporate Branding Sydney

June 27 2012

Corporate Branding is the cornerstone of your business or company. It visually identifies who you are and sets the tone and personality of your corporate culture. It is the first thing that a client sees and will determine their attitude towards you. Having the right style for your corporate branding is the first step in the long journey that will form the make up of your companies profile.

Hopping Mad Designs are corporate branding specialists. With over 18 years of corporate branding experience we have been designing and developing corporate brands for some of Australia’s most well known names.

If you are looking to create a new brand or corporate identity then we have the graphic design know-how and skills to identify your niche market and elevate your corporate profile to a new level.

How To Find The Best Corporate Branding Design Studio in Sydney.

Deciding that your business or company needs a new look, brand refresh or complete corporate branding overhaul can seem like a huge task. Finding the right design studio to partner with you in getting this right can be the difference between success and failure of the corporate branding exercise.

Following are a few tips to help you find the right design studio so that the whole corporate branding exercise runs smoothly.

Try to find a graphic design studio that has a credible and reliable past history of corporate branding as well as identity / logo design. Barriers to entry are fairly low in this industry so its best to look for a company that is able and happy to show you their portfolio of previous branding work.

They should have a strong portfolio of work and be able to show you examples of how they were able to evolve the brand and apply it across all their communication material. If you like what you see and are able to identify with what they have done then you are probably in the right direction. As an example it would be a good idea to look at a portfolio similar to what we have done at Hopping mad Designs. If you follow the link you will get a clearer idea about branding and the way it can work for your business.

Best not to do everything in the virtual space. Sure, its fine to put ‘ the feelers’ out and filter out a few design studios via email, but to really get a good idea of who you will be working with, ensure that they are ok with a meeting.

This will give you a better idea of the type of company and design culture you will be partnering with.

Because branding is such a fundamental component of how you are perceived you really want the company that is working on your brand to get a thorough understanding about your business.

This can only be done if they meet with you in person and get to know everything they can about your business.

Ask the corporate branding studio how they work. See if the are prepared to discuss the design process and how they go about designing your brand.

For example at Hopping Mad Designs we would start the process by researching the market, see the competition, and come up with say four to five various design style options based on this research.

These initial design style options would then be presented to you for critique, feedback and design revisions. Our attitude towards the whole design process is one of collaboration. We love to get you involved with all facets of the design process and design stages as we really value your input.

If you are not happy with the way the designs are progressing and you think that the branding has gone off brief then you should be allowed to have design revisions till your are completely satisfied that the direction you are going in, is inline with your corporate strategy and direction. If by the second or third rounds of changes you are still not happy then there are a few options open to you.

Firstly, you can try to re brief the studio to see if they are able to tackle this from a new and different angle or direction. And secondly, you might like to have a closer look at the studio that you are working with. Consider this as an example. Say that you are working in a professional law office and you are looking at a total branding overhaul. And say for arguments sake that you have chosen engage the services of a new design studio with you and very talented graphic designers.

This may be all well and good if you are working in the architectural or design industry, where they could create some quirky or edgy designs that would fit right into your firms character. But, you are representing a law firm and this needs the creative talents of perhaps designers that are a little older with more experience in the ‘white collar’ world.

I am not suggesting in any way that the younger design firm won’t be able to eventually get it right, but you just might get a new, different, and perhaps clearer representation of your corporate brand if you use another design team. Obviously, the choice is yours, but as the director of Hopping Mad Designs, I have witnessed this happen time and time again, where businesses go to the wrong type of studio, or in some cases use a relative/friend (with little corporate design experience) with aweful results.

This ends up costing you time, wasted money and perhaps a fight on your hands with the current designers. This is why choosing the right design fit that matches well with your company is very important to the final out come of the branding process. You just might have to pay a little bit more to use a professional and established design studio, but this will pay dividends for you down the track once you become a little bit more established and well known.

Given that there are so many companies offering their services as branding specialist, you want to be sure that the designs given are truly customised. In some rare cases, companies will simple rehash old, unused designs and pass them off to you.

Be sure to check that at the end of the project you own all the intellectual property associated with the designs. Some graphic design studios can get a bit overly precious when it comes to this and may charge you a yearly fee for the right to use the brand. This is something that we would never contemplate at Hopping Mad Designs but again, it is vital that you do your due diligence and make sure that you are the rightful owners of all the final art work files come project ends.

This includes, PMS colours, logos in eps and pdf format plus all fonts as well as a detailed style guide if this was part of the corporate branding exercise. Do not be afraid to ask for this and if you do come to some kind of stumbling block or hurdle when it comes to the handing over of graphic files, then you should speak to a third party who has experience in these matters and can advise you on what course of action to pursue.

Its a good idea to use a branding studio thats in your local city; in our case this happens to be Sydney. Modern technology such as skype and emails are fine, but nothing really beats that personal service when you can duck quickly into the design studio to see how your work is coming along. This not only gets you more personally involved with the project but you also get to develop a relationship with your designer who is working on the project. Having this professional friendship develop over the course of the project is an awesome way to steer the design in the best possible direction, ensuring a great outcome for your business. This is really what its about and building a closer relationship with your designer will really help to facilitate this.
Be sure that your corporate branding studio has a well grounded background and knowledge about various business environments. It is all well and good to come up with a brand but they must know how to apply this brand in the corporate world. This includes the application of design to all collateral such as business stationery, sales communication pieces, reports, specification documents, product information sheets, websites, environmental graphics, signage, the list goes on and on. So it is of paramount importance that the design studio that conceptualises your brand is able to apply this effectively throughout all your documentation.


The answer is simple. With years of experience in the design industry, we have worked on the brand development of many company names that you would recognise. Our design team are experts at getting to know how your business ticks and design accordingly.

Branding is not simply about outputting a logo, it is more than that. As designers we know that your brand has to stand the test of time and for this reason, everything we do with your brand will have been well thought out, before pen is put to paper. Saying this, we are quick to respond and are able to turn designs around in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a branding studio that is able to look after all your communication and marketing needs then please call 02 9360 8514 or email