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Maintenance of a Content Management System (CMS) is often misunderstood and is something that can be neglected by business owners. It is a hard point to get across to some people as wires get crossed between CMS maintenance and website content and image updates. There are many companies out there in the virtual world, with their own CMS systems that will charge you a monthly fee for CMS maintenance and this has to be carefully weighed up on a cost / benefit analysis. Using web agencies proprietary CMS platforms in most cases is unnecessary and a complete rip off – BE WARNED! You do not have to pay monthly fees for the maintenance of a CMS WHEN THEY ARE FREE from platforms like WordPress, Joomla or Magento!

March 1 2012

Just so we are all on the same page, a CMS stands for content management systems and is a platform that your site is built around that gives you the ability to make site wide amends through a back end admin panel.

There are many CMS platforms available and as a business owner you should be very careful about the CMS system you use. Buying into a CMS contract that requires monthly payments for updates is something that is common practice and is a cost that you should be aware of upfront before embarking on a web design project. Many agencies will never tell you that they are building your website on their own proprietary CMS systems and once the site goes live you are basically stuck with using this for the life of the site. Ideally you should be getting everything built using a WordPress CMS.

In most cases maintenance for the CMS includes but is not limited to; security updates, add on plug ins, testing etc etc. It is an important component of the web process to have updates for your CMS and if you work with Hopping Mad Designs we will ensure that the WordPress CMS we use for your website will have had regular maintenance applied to it. This is part of the hosting fee and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your sites CMS will be up to speed with the latest and safest technologies.

At Hopping Mad Designs, we have a team of web site developers who are on top of all potential CMS issues and pitfalls and work hard to maintain a CMS that is full proof and designed to make online digital life as easy as possible for you. Maintenance of the platform might seem like a trivial and minor task but nowadays it is as important as protecting your online identity or personal bank information. The team at Hopping Mad know this and are ever vigilant about keeping your CMS as secure as possible.

If you are unsure about your CMS and think that you are paying monthly fees for add ons and plug ins that are irrelevant then we have the answer – a open source WordPress CMS – this is the best one around on the market and is really all you need for your business. Don’t be fooled into anything other than a open source CMS platforms

If you think that you might need some one to have a look at your CMS and offer advice on alternative more secure and robust platforms then please call us at 02 9360 8514

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