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Business benefits of Adaptive Web Designs

February 13 2013

Firstly,a good question to ask is what is adaptive design? It is a very hot topic and one that is extremely current at the moment. Business leader as well as marketing professionals and web developers are discussing in greater detail. So, Adaptive web design refers to to web site that completely adapts and conforms to the web platform or browser you are viewing the site in.

Essentially, adaptive websites are designed and developed to give online users a much better web experience when viewing a site. It is a kind of one size fits all and is really the way forward when it comes to new web technologies. By designing one website that will adapt to multiple platforms, business owners will see huge benefits in terms of costs savings moving forward. reason being; only 1 site has to be designed rather than multiple sites for an array of varied browsers. Think of desktops, iphones, ipads, androids, galaxy phones, mac v PC screen sizes. The list just goes on and on.

So what are all those business benefits of incorporating adaptive web design into your marketing profile?

1) The greatest benefit as mentioned above is the dollars saved. Your web team can focus their energies and time in designing and developing 1 site as opposed to say 2 or 3 sites. It also saves the headache and strained relationship between the designer and the client. Clients want their website to adapt to all browser sizes and the web designer has to let the client know that this is a totally separate job, which needs to be costed.

2) t is well known throughout the IT community that viewers on mobile sites will exit the site if it has been optimised properly for the mobile viewing experience. There are heaps less bounce rates with users who enjoy the experience more likely to make a purchase or inquiry. I know from personal experience that if the site is not optimised for the phone I am on, I will simply leave. It will only be in the rare case that I will use a non adaptive website on my iphone.

3) Another huge benefit for implementing an adaptive website design is that people will notice the effort you have gone to in ensuring their experience has been enhanced and will remain a loyal follower or customer. If you make their mobile phone search experience easy via adaptive web design then you will be rewarded.

You should really act now and see about how to get an adaptive web based solution for your site. As the internet grows, especially the mobile world, you will be left behind by those web savvy companies who have taken up this new technology.

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