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February 13 2012

Hopping Mad Designs is a Sydney based advertising agency that has been at the forefront of creative marketing campaigns for well over 16 years. As a marketing agency in Sydney we are known for visually creative, thought provoking, edgy and highly targeted advertising projects, that have seen product sales sky rocket and brands become house hold names. Never pigeon holing our selves to one particular product or industry, we perceive that our creative talents lie across all market segment and businesses through out Sydney. Basically, give us your product or service and we will come up with the advertising creative that will surpass your expectations as well as leave your competition dead in the water. From concept briefing stage, right through to presentation of our ideas, Hopping Mad Designs has the knowledge, depth of skill, in house team of very creative and talented people with tons of creative flair and intuition, to spot a opening in the market for your product and come up with designs that will blow your marketing team away.


Hopping Mad Designs as an advertising agency is not limited to just creating catchy marketing campaigns. Our capabilities in helping your business are far reaching, extensive, tried and in some cases are not fully understood by many people. We 

are able to look at your business from the ground up, from the smallest piece of marketing or sales collateral right through to yourwebsite, social media platforms, blogs, online marketing, search engine optimisation, video production, content marketing, copywriting, event design, banners, print management, advertising creatives, etc ect. This list goes on and on and it is thoseastute, insightful, marketing people plus business owners that can grasp the level and extent and breadth of our service offerings that are able to get the most benefit from our advertising agency.
It might be easier to break this down into categories to give you an clearer idea of how our advertising creatives are able to market your business or company and give it the lift it needs.



An identity or brand is really the cornerstone of any business or product. It tells so much about who you are, what you offer plus a good deal about your corporate culture and way of doing business. There are so many brands out there in the market place that have not been touched because they have been designed, implemented and well strategised form the get go. The main one that springs to mind is the Virgin brand. The name combined with the edgy, simply crafted logo just speaks volumes about everything the business has to offer. The branding has been so successful that Virgin has been able to horizontally integrate their core business into other streams, all without touching the brand.
As a business owner looking to expand or diversify, one should be taking a good long hard look at ones brand or identity to see if it is still relevant. If you are going to be honest with yourself and the rest of your team then in most cases your barns will need a facelift or overhaul by a adverting agency like Hopping Mad Designs.

This is not an easy decision to make, as brands overtime become ingrained within the fabric of the business and to change or alter this is often perceived as a mistake or something that is too hard and put off for another year.
This is where we come into play.


As a very creative advertising agency, we are able to deliver brand design alternatives that fit the brief. We undertake this process by:


  • Speaking with stakeholders involved in the decision making process; whether the owners, directors or the marketing team and get a complete understanding of the business and why there is the need for change. We never steam roll over people, trying to push our opinions, but rather take your brief on board, offer critique and then come back with design alternatives based on this.
  • Looking closely at your competition, what their offerings are, how your brand compares to theirs and then look at ways of differentiating your business graphically. Our aim here is to make you look as unique as possible, an industry trend setter, a business that is perceived by it’s client’s as being at the forefront of it’s field, alway’s looking at ways to be progressive, innovative, even avant-garde.
  • We look at ways that the branding is able to be used across all other marketing platforms. Ideally, you want your brand to be easily recognisable and transferrable throughout all your adverting and marketing channels. This is why, at design stage we have a macro approach to design. That is, how will your identity look on print ads, t-shirts, billboards, banners, vans or trucks, outdoor signage etc etc. If it does not tick all the boxes then we make sure that we design till it does.
  • As a Sydney based advertising agency we have come across many businesses who have been very reluctant to embrace any changes to their corporate branding, or even the slightest amends to their product branding. This is why Hopping Mad Designs will come up with many varied design style options, during this process. Our account managers take all feedback and comments very seriously and make the necessary design adjustments till you are 100% comfortable with the final outcome. Being responsible for your branding is a position that we undertake with a firm commitment that if you are not entirely happy with the end result, we will continue this design process till you are. Unlike some other ad agencies who will start charging you for extra time spent on the project, we will never adopt this approach. Basically, once we are commissioned to partner with you on developing your brand, we won’t stop till we get design approval. This is one of the very many factors that separates us from the rest of those over priced, account management top-heavy ad agencies.
  • One other important point to note is that at the end of any design project we pass over all intellectual property over to you. We are not sensitive about this and never charge you an licensing annual fee for using the creative artwork we hand over to you.



At Hopping Mad Designs our creative director Joanna was trained in one of Sydney’s largest and most respected design packaging companies. What this means for your is that by engaging an ad agency like us to partner with you on your next product launch or pack design, is that you will be working with a seasoned industry professional that knows the packaging world inside out. Forget about dealing with a junior account manager with one of those large ad agencies that have little or no experience, where you are just another number. Working with HMD means that you are in direct contact with one of Sydney’s leading packaging designers. Its a simple as picking up the phone or sending an email to get an immediate response. This saves you time, money and peace of mind knowing that you have creative individuals ( rather than account managers) who really understand the design process working for you.

Think about it carefully. If you are a marketing or product manager looking for a Sydney based advertising agency, why would you go to one of those traditional larger companies. At Hopping Mad Designs we have worked with large companies Australia wide who have decided to give us a go and have been overwhelmed at just how good we actually are. Recently, we picked up a large pharmaceutical company account that has consistently used one of the more prestigious ad agencies in Sydney. What they found by working with us on the launch of their new product lines was:
• we were vastly cheaper, meaning they had more of a budget to promote their product on other mediums. They found that on all design projects we were nearly 50% cheaper than their previous ad agency. Plus on top of this we were able to stick to the quoted job on very occasion. That is, there were absolutely no budget blow outs or cost scope creep on any work that was done.
• we are a lot friendlier with faster turn around times all without the usual ad agency attitude. By the very nature of a boutique advertising agency business we value each and every client like it’s our first and go out of our way to try to impress you with every design project.
• our designers and creatives were more imaginative and forward thinking than what was provided in the past. Their managing director has even commented that their new packaging designs are far superior to anything that they have ever had in the past.
• our turn around times and response to any feedback is without doubt one of the quickest in the industry. At Hopping Mad Designs our policy is to acknowledge every email received and log this with our internal job tracking system. We know the status and where abouts of each project and are able to turn around artwork within the same day if not quicker.


The name of your business or product is a key feature if not one of the most important elements for a successful business. I guess the best way to highlight this is by using our own business name; Hopping Mad Designs as an example. Over the many years that we have been in business I cannot tell you the amount of people who ask me how we arrived at the name. On top of this we get people calling us up who we have had no contact with for many years who have forgotten who we are but were able to get in touch with us because of our name. They love the catchy, quirky, a little bit cheeky nature of the name as well as the way it fits nicely with the design of the identity. Basically, it all fits nicely together; the name of the business together with the logo design, to create a memorable and fun experience for both new and existing customers. If you look at our website you can see how our name, identity design and images that we use to play n this ( the frog) all compliment each other so that as soon as someone sees our homepage they get an instant feeling for the type of advertising agency Sydney we are. That is, young, funky, highly creative, boutique, but with a bit of a serious side.
This is what a competent ad agency should be able to do for your company. They must have the where with all to formulate a terrific name for your business, combine it with awesome creative design, so it will last for years to come.



To break through the mass of internet noise as well as the abundance of ads you see everywhere, you need copy that’s going to hit people between the eyes. It has to be crystal clear leaving the public with no doubt about your message. At Hopping Mad we have found that the more edgier, distinctive the message is the more likelihood of a response. Combine this with innovative graphics and you have the recipe for a successful advertising campaign.
Whether you are looking for copy for online banner ads, or content for advertising in a magazine or newspaper, our team of copywriting professionals has the depth of industry experience to ensure that your message gets heard loud and clear. Our advertising copy team works closely with you to get the brief right form the very beginning. Through a process of creative brainstorming, market research and client engagement, we are able to develop your copy.
In developing the advertising content we will consider its relevance to the target audience, its fit with potential marketing and promotion and its ability to quickly establish a strong market profile and customer recall.

The process will begin with the completion of the client brief, followed by a period of market research and creative development, concluding in a final presentation of the copy. Once all has been finalised we bring in the graphics team to merge copy with the visuals. The end result is a creative masterpiece that has impact and will most likely tap into a market that you never thought possible.



Most of the larger ad agencies will be more than happy to design you a website, but one thing they will not tell you about or discuss with you is how your site is going to get indexed and found by the search engines and this especially true in the case of Google.
Most of the ad agency account managers will have little or no experience in this field and if you as a marketing manager are not brought up to speed about SEO then they are really not helping your cause or business.
The huge difference when engaging an agency like Hopping Mad Designs is that we have an intimate and very thorough understanding about the search engine algorithms and what makes then tick. All this will result in your business getting the best online ranking as possible.
A great example of this is if you are a product manager of lets say a pharmaceutical company and you are launching a new product. The first online step is to get a ad agency with a strong web design portfolio to design you up a great looking site. The next step is to get someone to optimize this site so that when people are searching a product cure for a particular symptom, your site will be there on the first page of Google. If it is not then the point of having a website created is pointless. If for example you have a new product line of women’s skin care products, you want your website to be found when users type in the words ‘ womens skin care help’.
To prove that Hopping Mad Designs is able to do this try typing the words: web design or graphic design into the search field of Google. As you can see as at 17/12/12 we are on page 1 for both of these keywords in one of the most competitive keyword areas online. With over 1 billion pages that are possible outcomes for this search, its an amazing thing that we have done to be on page 1.
Think about this carefully, if we can do it for our own website then as an ad agency we will be able to do this for your product or company.
As a marketing manager who’s responsibility it is to generate huge traffic through to your product website you need to be able to find an ad agency that is able to handle all of these various web marketing components and tie them in nicely to make the site work. Google makes things quite difficult for site rankings and there are very many elements that need to be considered when designing and building a website. You ad agency partners need to know all these fundamentals; copy, design, user interface, bounce rates, site semantics, titles, tags, as well as a linking strategy if they are going to be able to rank you.


If you are a business owner or in the marketing department of a company or organisation and have not used any of the social media platforms for marketing purposes then its about time you did. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + all need to be an integral part of your marketing mix. Advertising agencies need to be on top of this and be able to advice you of not only the most appropriate platform for your business or product but be able to help with the maintenance and updating of any platform you decide to engage.
These platforms are an excellent way to get information to your clients fast and if implemented in a consistent, professional manner the results can be beyond your wildest imagination. The statistics about people using platforms like Facebook are overwhelming and if you can build a loyal following then marketing to these internet junkies is like adding fuel to the fire. The more content you provide them, the more they want. 

As an ad agency, Hoppingmad is able to facilitate this whole process by:

  • Designing your business a looking Facebook page, incorporating all your corporate branding, colours etc etc
  • Come up with creative and out of the box campaigns designed to attract more followers
  • Design ads or infographics to really give your social media sites that ‘wow factor’
  • Monitor the performance of these campaigns and offer strategies to improve on
  • Help you choose the right platform for your marketing based on demographics and client base. We don’t want to waste time marketing to the wrong client on the wrong platform.
  • Writing clever, sticky content that will engage users, keep them reading and perhaps forward these articles onwards.

This is an especially good marketing ploy when it comes to Google + or LinkedIn. The advantage of having well worded copy habitually posted on your LikendIn profile will elevate your status as a leader in your field of business. Alternatively, if you are aiming at a younger, GenY type of audience, your copy needs to speak with them at their level on their preferred style of platform.


Everything that you do for your business has to maintain a certain level of design harmony. As soon as the logo or brand is designed, all pieces of collateral flowing onwards from that point need to take this style into account. This is why it is important to get a very creative adverting agency like Hopping Mad to handle all your print marketing material. Shopping around and getting different companies to work on various aspects of your material is only going to end up in a mess.
As a marketing person responsible for what your company produces in print such as; flyers, brochures, presentation folders, training manuals, specification sheets, stationery, pads, promotional items, give aways, corporate events or exhibitions, posters, banners, basically anything you can think of that is able to be printed.
Because we have such a strong core graphic design component within our ad agency we are able to strictly monitor all design work that is designed and produced. Each and every bit of artwork that is designed for your business is carried out with total respect and understanding of your brand. We never ignore existing creative company assets, or create artwork off tangent, design for designs sake, but instead follow strict corporate design guidelines, whilst adding our own design flair.
We are able to manage the whole design and print process for you. Because of our extensive knowledge of paper stocks, finishes and great relationship with many of Sydney’s printers we are able to offer you extremely competitive print quotes. We know which printers’ to go to for specific jobs and are able to pass these cost savings onto you. When working with a boutique ad agency like Hopping mad you get to speak with one of the directors at any time you like if you need to talk about costs. As opposed to most larger ad agencies, where quotes are set in stone and asking for discounts is strictly off limits, Hopping Mad Designs welcomes this part of the agency/client relationship. If you want to ever discuss your print quotes or any other quotes for that matter, we are just a phone call away.


Advertising agencies are becoming more inclined nowadays to offer video production as a service offering. Videos are a great marketing device and can be used now on many platforms such as; company websites, blogs, intranet for staff members or even micro sites for specific products.
Whilst not having an in house video production team, Hopping Mad is able to draw on a pool of experienced video production companies and manage the whole process for you.

If you haven’t thought of incorporating videos as a marketing tool then the following reasons should convince you otherwise:


  • Videos keep people on your website which is great for the bounce rate and hence you overall Google ranking
  •  With all the internet clutter, videos are a quick way of getting a point across to the customer
  • Videos can be very instructional and help non savvy internet users navigate their way around a site or give them a better understanding of product.


I would have to say that the overarching benefit of using hopping mad designs as your advertising agency is that we are not your typical ad agency. We can basically do everything that all the larger ad agencies do BUT without the cost, and ad agency attitude. We feel that we can offer an awesome design service with exceptionally fast turn around times in a manner that you will find refreshing.

If you would like to find out more and see what we are able to do for your business please give me ( Steven ) a call on 1300 885 375. I am happy to take on any project you may have or even quote on a job so you are able to see the cost difference between us and other ad agencies in Sydney.

Please note all initial meeting and briefing sessions we have a completely free of charge and offered as part of our boutique style ad agency service.