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A great question to ask is what is responsive web design and why is it so important for businesses to start implementing this design standard to their current web design? Responsive web design is a technique used to re size all your web content, reshuffle it around nicely so that it fits perfectly to your screen size. No more, pinching or zooming the screen, responsive web design solves all these issues and gives your customer a much more pleasurable browsing experience. You will be surprised by how quick and easy this is to implement. For more information talk to a team of web experts like us here at Hopping Mad Designs. We can convert you current website over to a friendly CMS platform and make it responsive within a couple of days. Just imaging the new mobile, younger, web savvy markets you can tap into.

February 20 2014

Why is Responsive Web Design So Important?

Roughly 80% of all Australian’s are using their mobile phones to look up information online. It is absolutely crazy. If you go to any public place, have a look around and see the number of people with their heads down looking or playing with their phones. I will bet anything that you can’t go anywhere without this occurring. This is why you website needs to accommodate this market and satisfy the needs of the hungry mobile masses. Only responsive web design can do this. If they have to spend time zooming in on important information, you will loose them as a customer. It’s all about the customer experience and how they engage with your website. If they like what they see and enjoy being on your site, then a happy customer is more likely to buy from you. Makes perfect sense really. This goes to B2B sites where the aim is to get the inquiry. If your customer is searching for your service on their mobile, they will be more likely to call you up if the experience is good. This is why Responsive design is so vital.

How Do We Implement Responsive Design?

We start from the smallest size up. That is the hand held mobile phone site architecture is designed and from there we design for the laptop or tablet and lastly the desktop. It is a small progression, but you will see that the designs expend nicely according to the larger screen. This process is best handles by a team that has done this kind of thing in the past.

Is It Worth The Investment to get a Responsive website?

100% yes. Responsive design is going to make a huge difference to your users overall web experience and this in turn will drive inquiries and sales. The  longer they are on your site exploring, the bigger the opportunity to create the sale.

The following is a true story – we ended up moving a website over to a WordPress platform and made the new site totally responsive. This was a retail outlet that relied heavily on the internet for their sales. Within 3-4 weeks of the new site going live they did notice a massive improvement in online inquiries. So yes, for this company the ROI was definitely worth it.

It’s a matter on not burying ones head in the sane in the hope it will go away. Responsive web design is the way of the future and is here to stay until the next evolution of website design emerges. This could be within the next 24 months, who knows, but it’s a lot better to stay on top of things like this. Being proactive in the digital world and online environment is not hard. Speak to your web developer and see what they can do for your website by making it a responsive site.

Google ranks Responsive sites

If you rely on your Google rankings to drive sales then responsive websites are an absolute MUST HAVE. Think about it, why would Google promote sites that did not give the end user the best experience. There are a whole lot of other technical SEO factors that go into why Google prefers Responsive sites but for the sake of this blog article you just have to trust me on this.

So if you have noticed your online rankings are suffering and you do not have a mobile friendly website make sure you start the process ASAP of getting your site converted.

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