5 Reasons Why Remarketing is Very Important

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What is Remarketing? Remarketing is a great opportunity that gives your business another second or even third chance to reach out to your customer base who have visited your website and perhaps not purchased anything from it. What happens is that when you are on another site a banner ad with your brand message will appear prompting you to click on it. This advert will then redirect you to the website you have been on before. It is a subtle and gentle reminder to say: ‘we are here…remember us..why don’t you buy from us?’ The way this works is that when a customer visits your website they will be tagged with a cookie, which will give permission to advertise directly to you online when you are on other sites. This can be painful for some people, but REMARKETING is a very powerful tool if you are looking to further expand your reach online. Essentially, you missed out on the sale the first time, then you have a chance to get them again.

February 20 2015

How Does Remarketing Really Work?

For example, website browsers maybe searching for surfboard accessories, will go to your website. They may look around for a while, click from page to page but at the very last minute something has stopped them from making a purchase. This is where the advantage of remarketing really kicks in. When these visitors go to any other website, your advert will pop up on websites that allow these ads to appear. It sends a powerful reminder to your potential customer that you are still around and are looking for the sale. Remarketing is becoming more and more popular with both big and small brands worldwide. WHY< cause SEO and Adwords are now not enough. Companies are finding that they need to be more aggressive with their online marketing and this is just another great avenue to push their website in front of the public.

1. Remarketing lets you stay engaged with your target audience all the time

92% of people who visit your website will not make a purchase at that point in time. 41% of customers will go back to a site 2, 3 or even 4 times before they are ready to make that very important commitment. Don’t let your potential valuable customers forget all about you and shop elsewhere! Be front of mind and always in their face. Remarketing is the tool that allows you to follow customers from site to site and keep on selling. 

2. Increase Your Brands Profile

39% of businesses in Australia will use remarketing as a way of generating more brand awareness and recognition amongst their client base.

If your business keeps on appearing on other websites the affect is subliminal but the impact is huge. YOUR brand will start to gain traction and authority. If they keep on seeing it obviously they will remember you and when the time comes to actually buying, your brand will spring to mind. It works amazingly well across all industries from; travel, hotels, airlines, food, clothing, professional services even pet care. It really has no boundaries or limits. Basically, if you have a website and need to sell something then remarketing is the way to go!

3. Increase Conversion Rate Optimisation

49% of companies in Australia use remarketing for gaining new or potential customers.
People who are coming back to your website for the second or third time and like the look of what you have to say or sell are more than likely going to buy from you. If you have a big ticket item then this is going to be a massive return on investment. Your conversion rates are going to sky rocket as the customer who went to your site originally will not be forgotten about. It’s going to be a gentle constant tap on their shoulder reminding them that you are still around. I mean this is such a great tool…its really a no brainer. Why would you not want to increase brand awareness whilst at the same time improve customer conversion rates?

4. Gain your Competitors' Customers

16% of Australian companies and businesses will use remarketing effectively to go after your competitor’s customers.

Let me explain this in detail cause this is such a fantastic point. You can target your remarketing campaign to appear for a certain group of keywords that are closely related to your product. This means even if they don’t visit your website and go to a competitors, your ad will still appear when they search on other sites. How good is this! It’s such a sneaky way of stealing potential customers away from your rivals.

5. It can be quite price competitive.

You may be surprised by just how cheap remarketing is. Compared to Adwords and other forms of marketing this can be a great alternative.

If you are interested in learning more about remarketing and how it can boost your company’s sales, get in touch with us. We can design a brilliant looking pop up banner ad and help you implement the entire campaign – CALL 02 9360 8514

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