We design and build mobile responsive WordPress and WooCommerce websites better than any other company in Sydney. Why? Because, we have the best WordPress designers and developers all working in our Surry Hills office. Simple as that! There is absolutely no outsourcing when it comes to teaming up with Hopping Mad Designs. We are able to effectively harness all the features that a WordPress website design can add to your business and deliver a quality, professional website that’s very affordable. Now all businesses can have that professional design edge with a customised website fully designed and developed by a team of Sydney design veterans.

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We’re the known as leaders in custom designed and built WordPress sites with over 20 years experience. This means you get some serious coders and designers working on your website which will give you a massive advantage over your competition. We never use templates and never use free website – all our designed are designed based on your specific brief. Our WordPress developers are the specialists in advanced hi level eCommerce functionality including membership websites, retail websites as well as any type of WooCommerce integration.

So, if your looking for a website that’s going to give you the freedom to scale up and expand as your business grows and have all the security measures you will ever need, then you should be getting your website built on the worlds most popular open source CMS platform; WordPress. If your looking for an amazing shopping cart solution for your business or new start up idea then WooCommerce is the way to go. Almost 20% of the worlds shopping carts are powered by WooCommerce so you are in really good company.

At Hopping Mad Designs, we believe that WordPress and WooCommerce are the best solutions and the way most businesses are headed because they are extremely flexible, safe and secure, reliable and open souse ( which means you are not stuck using someone else’s CMS and paying hefty monthly hosting fees) – GET A QUOTE NOW

7 Reasons Why WordPress and WooCommerce Are The Best Web Solutions

WordPress is really old and has been around for years because building websites using WordPress as a CMS platform is a really affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. Being open source means that anyone with a basic knowledge or internet skills can make changes to the website which is perfect. This has meant that WordPress is behind some of the best known brands and biggest websites in the world. There are literally over 50 million websites built using this wonderful platform and yours should be one of them. If not, get in touch with us now on 02 9360 8514 and we can have your new site including WooCommerce live in no time at all.

In the past WordPress has been seen as a much cheaper option to expensive custom built websites using proprietary CMS which ended up costing most people a small fortune. WordPress has eliminated the need for this by creating a system where custom website designs can be easily integrated with added functionality allowed using exiting plug ins such as the awesome WooCommerce – basically the team at WordPress have done all the hard work for us. You really have to see how good it is to believe it, especially the Woo Commerce functionality; it’s incredible.

WordPress has evolved from a simple bloggers platform to a CMS solution used by serious businesses looking for a great solution that’s scalable and best of all open source. It is now considered the ‘go to ‘ platform for most web design agencies in Sydney like we use here at Hopping Mad Designs. It has made our lives so much easier as we are able to deliver cost effective websites that were never possible in the past. If you are still not convinced following are six reasons why WordPress & WooCommerce is so fantastic and will continue to be the favourite of web designers worldwide.

Sweetheart Body
E commerce website for Sweetheart Body, selling coffee body scrubs
Assured Rent
Branding and online solution for a new property management business
The Kids Room
E commerce website for a children's clothing store
Artweave Originals
New website for artist Natalie Fisher showcasing and selling her original, one-off hand stitched tapestries.
Evolution Laser
Brand redevelopment, new website and an SEO campaign for Evolution Laser Clinic
Kings Security Doors
New responsive website, SEO, social media & digital marketing campaign for Kings Security Doors
Universal Mobile Tower Hire
Responsive website for Universal Mobile Tower Hire
All Sorts Fitness
New website & SEO campaign with micro sites for All Sorts FItness and Wellbeing Centre.
Laser Tattoff
New brand and website for a tattoo removal business
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WordPress is Open Source

 The majority of websites built in the past by design agencies we on proprietary content management systems. This was really bad news for the business community that were held hostage by being over charged for their monthly hosting. Basically, there was nothing they could do as their websites framework was on another companies system and it was their intellectual property. If you ever wanted to make a change or do anything to the site, you were generally charged a fortune and the hosting fees were out of control. This still happens nowadays, but to a large degree most people have woken up to this and have switched over to the much better WordPress. Being open source means that the software is free and anyone can use it anywhere in the world. This is HUGE and a massive advantage of WooCommerce & WordPress. You are crazy to not switch to this today – it’s only going to become more popular.

WooCommerce & WordPress are an amazing combination

Many business start out without the intention of ever having any type of ecommerce on their website. They get it designed and built and later on down the track they then decide they need some type of ecommerce addition. If they are not using WordPress then everything needs to be coded up from scratch on another framework and this is time consuming and very costly.

With WordPress as your CMS it’s simply a matter of adding the WooCommerce plug in which is a nifty and very affordable solution that can be implemented by any developer.. You are not tied into using a specific programmer with a knowledge of your CMS (which could be quite niche). So you can see how scalable WordPress can be for businesses. It’s dynamic and flexible nature means that businesses can evolve with the times and business conditions.

WordPress is very scalable

 WordPress has a massive following worldwide with web developers adding new and improved plug ins that all contribute to the sophisticated nature of WordPress. That is, it’s constantly evolving and moving with t e times. In fact, WordPress really sets the trends of what is happening online. If it’s new then WordPress was probably the creator. These plugins are software that can be easily added to your site which allows it to grow as your business conditions and needs change. Want to add a shopping cart (in this case WoddCommerce) or a cool image gallery or perhaps some brand new type of registration forms or email newsletter signs ups? WordPress will have the plugins for these. This is such a huge advantage and is a real cost saver.

In the online world where you have to be one step ahead of the competition you really need something like WordPress as your CMS. Anything else is not going to give you the edge or speed you need.

WordPress is very secure

Hacking is common so this is why WordPress is constantly rolling out updates to it’s security plugins. If you are vulnerable to cyber attacks or your website has been getting hit with malware and other nasties online then WordPress is a great solution. You can easily implement these security patches with the simple click of a button. Nothing could be easier. WordPress sees to that. Rest easier at night knowing that your website has a wall of security around it.

WordPress is a web designers dream

 Many people associate WordPress with free cheap design templates. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, it started out as a blogging platform but it has morphed into a web designers best friend by allowing it to easily incorporate customised designs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s WordPress that is has to look ‘same as’ every other site. WordPress system allows for designers to be as creative as they like without any type of compromise. The added benefit is that you are getting incredible designs backed up by the ‘Rolls Royce’ of CMS platforms. With WooCommerce you can customise how your shopping cart will look with a multitude of added features powered by the Ecommerce engine – it’s really amazing and very cool!

WordPress is really easy to use

 As a business owner you might think that making website change yourself is out of your comfort zone. Let me tell you 1 thing, it’s seriously easy to use. Nothing could be easier than the back end of this CMS. If you decide to use hopping Mad we will also train you in how to make site amends and if you ever get stuck (which we doubt) we can always help you. The back end interface is so intuitive with one step changes to add or delete copy. Plus adding images anywhere throughout the site is a breeze.

WordPress is incredibly SEO friendly

We all want to be on Google and we all want our businesses to get indexed by the search engines. WordPress gives you, the webmaster control over your page titles and descriptions which is what Google loves. If your thinking about getting any type of Google ranking then WordPress is your answer. Obviously, you will need an Ethical SEO campaign to go along with this but at least you have the proper foundations set up ready to go.